LiveVox Launches WFM Solution  

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

New offering to enhance LiveVox’s CCaaS solution  

LiveVox Launches WFM Solution  

Livevox has launched a new workforce management solution that aims to challenge today’s modern contact centre issues.  

The new WFM offering – including the new LiveVox WFM mobile app – gives managers and agents the tools needed to overcome challenges that include:  

  • Demanding customers and an unpredictable environment: Today’s customers expect to be able to contact companies on demand, at any time, and their tolerance for long wait times has never been lower. Ensuring that you have the right agents ready at the right time and on the right channels to resolve customer issues promptly is an ongoing challenge. Without the ability to forecast, schedule, and report on staffing intelligently, contact centre managers will face inevitable setbacks 
  • Growing agent expectations around how they’re managed: Generational changes and shifting workplace dynamics mean that agents now expect to have greater input into, and control over, how and when they work. Without the right technology and approach, contact centres may face challenges around agent performance, engagement, and retention 
  • A more dispersed workforce than ever: While remote work has been a growing trend for some time, 2020 required contact centres to rapidly and drastically adapt to remote agents. The pre-existing shift to remote work has rapidly accelerated and, pandemic or not, unless organizations are equipped with the right communication tools they will struggle to foster an agile, dynamic, and collaborative environment 

LiveVox CEO Louis Summe, said: “Managing agent and customer expectations has been a growing challenge for organizations for the last couple of years, as both cohorts have demanded more control and personalization. 

“However, these challenges have been amplified by the rapid acceleration in remote work. These factors have caused contact centres to seek new, and increasingly automated, solutions. Today’s contact centre needs an AI-assisted and flexible technology. A need that LiveVox WFM and our out-of-the-box AI-enabled solutions address.” 

LiveVox WFM’s key capabilities include: 

  • Agent Scheduling: Fast and accurate schedule optimization for fixed, floating, and rotating schedules 
  • Forecasting: Includes skill-based omnichannel forecasting and user-definable data selection with the ability to include spreadsheet data into forecasts 
  • Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans: An on-demand toolkit that enables analysts to create, save, and re-use an unlimited number of customizable adjustment strategies 
  • Communication Framework: A powerful, integrated messaging framework allows the whole team to interact across five distinct bi-directional communications channels 
  • Automated Schedule Attendance Monitor: Integrated with the agent mobile app, provides an automated and streamlined approach to track agent attendance 
  • Reporting: A full set of reports providing the KPIs needed for efficient WFM execution 

To further illustrate the capabilities LiveVox will be able to provide their customers through this capability, a financial services company with 850 contact centre agents is seeking to automate processes, increase agent productivity, and better serve its customers with LiveVox WFM. 



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