PureGym Picks Ceridian to Drive Digital WFO Transformation 

UK’s largest gym operator chooses platform to support rapidly expanding operations  

PureGym Pics Ceridian to Drive Digital WFO Transformation 

Published: August 24, 2021

Carly Read

Ceridian announced that PureGym has selected Dayforce, Ceridian’s global HCM platform, to support its rapidly expanding operations and improve employee engagement. 

Dayforce will deliver value to PureGym employees through full-suite HCM capabilities, including workforce management, talent management, learning and development, and payroll. 

Wendy Muirhead, Vice President, Ceridian Europe, said: “PureGym is an acclaimed organisation that understands the importance of prioritising their people, and we are incredibly proud they have chosen to partner with Ceridian to manage their human capital needs.

“With Dayforce, PureGym will drive value creation through access to real-time workforce data and analytics. And with our award-winning mobile application, employees have access to Dayforce when and where they need it.” 

With more than one million members and 3,000 employees, PureGym is the leading gym and fitness operator in the UK and the second largest gym operator in Europe.

As part of its ambitious growth plans, PureGym wanted a mobile-first, always-on HCM solution to engage and empower its employees. PureGym also wanted an extendible platform, capable of supporting and expanding HCM and payroll, as operations grow globally.

Eve Sukhnandan, Chief People Officer, PureGym, said: “Our vision has always been to leverage innovative technology in everything we do. The Dayforce app allows our employees to engage with the platform wherever and on the go. The scalability of the Dayforce platform, combined with the support and service from Ceridian’s experienced team, will help us navigate today’s evolving world and thrive in the future.

“Dayforce will help our leaders make better people and business decisions in less time, while empowering our team and putting our employees’ needs at the centre.” 



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