The Most Innovative WFO Vendors to Watch in 2022

The leaders in workforce optimisation software

The Most Innovative WFO Vendors to Watch in 2022

Published: September 22, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Workforce optimisation tools empower companies to “work smarter” in the quest for exceptional productivity, excellent customer experiences, and enhanced efficiency. With the right tools embedded into the CX environment, business leaders can track crucial metrics about employee performance, and use what they learn to drive better business outcomes.

As the workplace continues to evolve, driven by new trends like remote and hybrid working, WFO solutions are becoming increasingly critical to every business. These tools ensure companies can align and optimise staff wherever they are, while making better decisions for the future of the company.

If you’re planning on investing in WFO technology in 2022, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is finding the right vendor. Here are some of the biggest innovators worth considering this year.


Leaders in the customer service software space, Verint offers companies a huge range of tools to enhance customer satisfaction levels and boost business performance. The workforce optimisation tools delivered by Verint are built specifically for the contact centre environment, empowering companies to improve staffing levels, guide employees, and boost productivity.

Verint’s easy-to-use technology makes it easier to answer questions about how to boost workplace efficiency, keep team members engaged, and drive better CX outcomes. The all-in-one solution even comes with built-in quality management and performance management tools, ensuring your employees are following the right processes in every customer interaction.


Nice is another market leader in the contact centre space making significant investments in the world of workforce optimisation and management. The WFO tools offered by NICE are designed to boost agent performance, identify, and close gaps in productivity, and effectively forecast workloads. The technology suite even makes it easier to track opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

With NICE, business leaders get access to an all-in-one environment for workforce transformation, combining powerful WFM and WFO functionality into one kit. You can collect data about team outcomes, track the results of your employees on an individual or group basis, and manage day-to-day activity. There are also tools for helping you to manage scheduling more effectively, by tracking when you’re more likely to experience periods of peak demand.


If you’re already leveraging Avaya’s extensive portfolio of CCaaS and UCaaS tools, it makes sense to explore the company’s WFO technology too. The Workforce Optimisation solutions from “Avaya IX Workforce Engagement” help businesses to use their contact centre technology more strategically, to boost customer loyalty and build effective relationships.

With Avaya WFO, business leaders can get behind-the-scenes insights into the most important metrics influencing team performance. You can identify bottlenecks in performance, and look for ways to empower your team with better training and scheduling opportunities. Plus, everything aligns perfectly with the rest of the Avaya stack, so you can keep your WFO and CCaaS tools connected.


Making the most out of your workforce is simple with help from Calabrio’s state-of-the-art workforce optimisation suite. The Workforce Engagement Management suite from Calabrio is offered as part of the Calabrio ONE ecosystem for contact centre management and customer engagement. Here, you can access all kinds of useful analytics to help you empower, motivate, and engage your team members wherever they are.

There are intelligent automation tools, to help reduce the number of repetitive tasks team members need to complete each day. You’ll also have access to customised reporting and predictive analytics, so you can determine when the biggest spikes in demand are most likely to influence your operations. You can even access a host of gamification tools, to promote better agent performance.


Another company offering all-in-one kits for employee experience and engagement in the new age of work, Sabio helps businesses to make the most of their teams. With Sabio workforce optimisation and management tools, you can streamline the operations of your contact centre teams, boost customer experience, and make significant changes to productivity levels.

More than just analytics and tracking tools, Sabio’s toolkit comes with everything businesses need to align and synergise the workforce. You can track information about your employees and how satisfied they are at work, allocate coaching to advisors who need extra assistance, and leverage automation opportunities. There are also various tools for improving your scheduling strategy, so you can ensure the right team members are available at the best times.

Content Guru

Content Guru, like many leaders in the CCaaS market today, embeds workforce optimisation technology directly into its contact centre software. Within the “storm” ecosystem, businesses can unlock dedicated WFO tools to empower and engage their people. There are drag-and-drop flexible scheduling tools for your remote and hybrid workers, as well as quality management built-in.

The storm recording system allows you to collect information from critical interactions for future training purposes, while storm “ASK” makes it easy to collect direct feedback from staff. With this all-in-one toolkit, Content Guru provides businesses with real-time reporting, agent guidance, and knowledge management, as well as innovative learning from storm university.


Everything you need for a more efficient team comes packaged into the powerful Workforce Optimisation suite from Mitel. The all-in-one toolkit starts with in-depth analytics, so you can track the most important metrics crucial to your business operations. You’ll also get state-of-the-art quality and performance management tools, and interaction recording for training and compliance.

The full suite of tools from Mitel is wonderfully comprehensive, covering a range of different elements, from customer surveys for collecting feedback, to coaching and learning opportunities. You can even leverage the power of speech analytics to take your insights to the next level. At the same time, scheduling and workforce management tools are included to help you optimise your staff.


Genesys delivers workforce optimisation tools as part of a full “Engagement Management” ecosystem of powerful software. Designed to help companies build a more effective company culture, no matter the structure of their workforce, Genesys’ tools are brimming with functionality. There are employee performance management tools, focused on concepts like recognition and employee training, as well as standard workforce forecasting and scheduling apps.

For quality assurance and monitoring, you can record every interaction across multiple channels, leveraging voice of the customer insights as you go. Genesys tools also come with gamification features like leader boards and scorecards to keep teams engaged, and long-term workforce planning. All that, and you get state-of-the-art speech and text analytics built-in.


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