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Last Edited: April 5, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Contact centers and business leaders with a strong focus on customer service are quickly discovering that employee and customer experience go hand in hand. To deliver phenomenal customer service, businesses first need to ensure they’re engaging and empowering their teams.  

In today’s age of hybrid and remote work, keeping employees on the same page, preserving high levels of productivity, and even scheduling staff can be a complex process. That’s why many companies are beginning to increase their investment in WFO tools. Workforce Optimization software can help businesses with everything from forecasting schedule needs, to engaging team members.

Today, we’re looking at just some of the CX events worth attending this year, for companies looking to invest in workforce optimization, and workforce management.  

1. Contact Center and Customer Services Summit 

April 24th-25th, London 

Spread over the course of two days, the Contact Center and Customer Services summit aims to connect innovative solution provides in the CX space with business leaders from across the country. The event covers everything from contact center and call recording technologies to tools designed to engage employees and transform workplaces.  

With partners and supporters from across the CX landscape, this event is sure to offer a fantastic learning opportunity to attendees. Plus, there are plenty of keynote speeches and sessions planned, with a focus on helping organizations to leverage the best technology in their industry. Attendees will also have a chance to network with some great professionals from throughout the CX space.  

2. Call & Contact Center Expo 

April 26-27th, 2023, Las Vegas Convention Center 

Considered one of the top exhibitions for the customer engagement industry, the Call & Contact Center Expo provides attendees with an opportunity to learn all about the tools and resources they can use to enhance both employee and customer experience. At this industry-leading event, sponsors like RingCentral, Cisco Webex, and Jabra provide behind-the-scenes views into CX trends, technologies, and innovations in the modern marketplace.  

With demos of new technology to experiment with, and useful training sessions, teams will be able to learn all about the latest strategies enhancing workforce optimization solutions and software. There are even tracks for learning about gamification and employee engagement.  

3. The Customer Show 

April 3-4th, Melbourne Convention Center 

Attracting thousands of attendees, and hundreds of partners and speakers each year, the Customer Show in Australia is a fantastic place to learn all about the tools shaping the future of CX. The event provides valuable insights into everything from WFO and WFM software, to gamification tools, employee engagement strategies, and CCaaS technologies.  

This year, there are two strategic conference stages, focusing on contact center transformation, and next generation CX. So attendees are sure to discover some exciting new solutions, perfect for enhancing the future of work within the contact center.  

4. CMSWire Connect 

May 10-12th, 2023, Austin, Texas 

Attendees from all over the globe flock to Austin Texas each year to take part on the CMSWire Connect event. This CX focused conference showcases some of the best new customer service technology on the market, from market-leading brands and innovators. Plus, every year, a host of fantastic guest speakers take the stage to share their insights on the changing CX space. 

With tons of useful tools and platforms to discover, companies will be sure to find plenty of technologies capable of improving their workforce optimization strategies. Plus, there are various training courses and educational experiences to discover throughout the conference too.  

5. Avaya Engage 

June18-21st, 2023, Orlando, Florida 

One of the better-known companies in the customer service and unified communications landscape, Avaya constantly develops new tools to help enhance the workplace and ensure businesses can achieve their goals. Already, the company has invested in a variety of workforce optimization and management tools, for teams to leverage alongside their CCaaS technologies.  

Avaya Engage is the yearly industry event which allows software innovators, partners, and customers to connect over emerging Avaya technologies, and discuss new market trends. This four-day event is packed with useful learning sessions and keynote speeches. Plus, it gives attendees a great chance to connect and network with other thought leaders from across the globe.  

6. Customer Contact Week 

June 19-22nd, 2023, Las Vegas 

Customer Contact Week is celebrating its 25th year in 2023. At this world-renowned event, business buyers, partners, and CX innovators come together to discuss the strategies and trends that are transforming the customer experience landscape. The event is home to plenty of exhibitions from leading communication and CCaaS brands, such as Five9 and Uniphore.  

Plus, throughout the event, there are numerous speeches, summits, and sessions where attendees can discover how technologies like WFO solutions can positively impact their company’s performance. With tons of workshops and chats to take part in, this week of CX discoveries is sure to be a valuable experience for any contact center leader.  

7. Call and Contact Center Expo UK 

November 29-30th, 2023, Excel London 

For attendees who don’t get a chance to visit the Call and Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas, the London exhibition can be just as valuable. Here, attendees will discover all of the latest trends shaping the future of call and contact centers, with a unique educational program, expert seminars, and panel debates. Plus, top technologies will be available to demo and explore within the exhibit.  

With partners like Talkdesk and RingCentral ready to attend this year, the Call and Contact Center Expo is sure to offer a valuable insight into how employee experience technologies are shaping the future of the CCaaS platform. Even if you managed to visit the event in the US, it might be worth taking another visit later in the year to the London conference.  


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