Sapience Analytics Launches New Integration Framework

Sandra Radlovački

New integration framework provides organisations with ultimate integration extensibility

Sapience Analytics Launches New Integration Framework

Sapience Analytics, the market leader in knowledge workforce management, introduced its new integration framework for its Sapience Vue enterprise work activity analytics, insights and productivity product that turns efforts into outcomes across employee journeys.

The demand for work analytics has seen a major increase since the start of the pandemic, with organisations shifting their resources to support shelter-in-place, WFH models. Management approaches have moved from line-of-sight and in-person practices to digital-first.

Sapience’s new integration framework provides organisations with ultimate integration extensibility via the ability to connect additional systems and applications. Organisations can easily customise their data integration streams to correlate work efforts to outcomes across any employee journey. The new integration framework provides a blended view of effort data with output data, enabling organisations to identify the combination of work activities that produce the best results.

The product integrates into almost all popular digital workplace platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar to support email, teams and meetings analysis; Microsoft Teams for chat and voice call analysis; Microsoft Azure for DevOps stories/tickets analysis; and Salesforce for customer support cases and sales opportunities.

With Sapience Vue, organisations can gain insight into what’s happening in every functional area of the enterprise, including:

  • Sales activities by team
  • The amount of time individual sales representatives are spending in email, in Salesforce or on the phone; number of opportunities created, and demos completed – and how that correlates to sales performance
  • The daily routine of agents with the best customer satisfaction ratings or highest first-contact resolution rates
  • Support/help ticket count over time, broken down by severity and resolution times—and how support teams spent their time resolving those tickets.

Sapience CEO Brad Killinger said:

“Understanding what your workforce is doing, and how they’re spending their time, is one thing. But, when you can correlate those efforts to actual outcomes, that’s when you gain the insight to drive positive, measurable change.”

“We are empowering organizations to view vital data, analytics, trends and correlations to help manage the changing work experience and improve the interrelationships between people, processes and systems for improved outcomes.”

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