55% Would Change Brands for Better Customer Experience

Startling findings come from imimobile's research into customer experience

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55% Would Change Brands for Better Customer Experience
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Published: March 18, 2022

James Stephen

A survey of 2,000 consumers has found several eye-opening findings relating to CX – customer experience.

The research report, commissioned by imimobile (part of Webex), sheds light on customers’ preferences and viewpoints when interacting with a business. One of the biggest revelations was that 55% of consumers would switch brands to get a better customer experience.

The importance of good CX was also illuminated by 75% listing it as a reason to be a repeat customer. Price, the number one reason, was only marginally higher at 76%. This compares to only 57% being swayed by the quality of products or services.

The report divided its findings into three main aspects of CX: resolution, rapport, and relevance. These three elements have been termed the “CX trilemma”.

The CX Trilemma Overview

1. Resolution: Solving customer issues and getting the information they need.

Key figure: 75% say they’d return to a company in the future if it resolved their issues promptly.

Key takeaway: Solving customer problems fast is important, but as are other factors, such as a consistent level of service and convenient, open and accessible communication channels.

A 45-54-year-old consumer in the USA said: “I recently ordered some vinyl records, but they arrived extremely warped. They had an online process for filing a claim. It was pretty easy, and soon after, I got an automated response that they were sending a replacement. I would definitely use the company again.”

2. Rapport: Connecting with customers in a meaningful way.

Key figure: 64% say they would stop buying a company’s products following a bad customer experience.

Key takeaway: Inefficient customer service, such as being slow to respond, will lose customers and spread negativity about the company. Switching channels seamlessly, depending on the issues at hand, helps build rapport.

One of the consumers said:

“[Great customer experiences are] when service agents are attentive to your needs and questions and are knowledgeable about all the products and services the company provides”

3. Relevance: Communicating in the best way for customers while keeping customer data safe.

Key figure: 75% worry about how much personal data they share with businesses.

Key takeaway: Relying on a standardized approach is not prudent with such a divide over communication preference. Instead, the report argues, there should be an “end-to-end customer journey approach, a mindset that pushed the boundaries of CX, and the use of a broad mix of channels”. The report concludes that there is a significant concern about personal data sharing, and companies need to find ways of reassuring and informing their customers.

A 45-54-year-old consumer based in the USA said: “If I felt a company had misused my data, I would probably quit using that company altogether. They’re already profiting from me purchasing their products and services, so I wouldn’t like it if they were selling my data.”

Other findings of interest include the generational differences in channel preferences:

  • “9% of both Gen Z and Young Millennials would use social media to ask questions compared to just 4% of Baby Boomers.”
  • “71% of Gen Z would use some form of digital communications channel to manage orders, reservations, and appointments compared to only 32% of Baby Boomers.”
  • “62% of Baby Boomers are happy to book appointments over the phone compared to only 35% of Gen Z and 31% of Young Millennials.”

The researchers interpreted these results as evidence that a single communication channel is not enough to provide multiple demographics with good customer experiences.

imimobile believes these findings will be of value to their clients and act as a testament to some of the CX-based technology they can provide. Its vision is to revolutionize CX by creating dynamic, always-on connections between global businesses and their customers.

imimobile has published the full report on its website.



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