6 Insightful Healthcare Case Studies to Read in 2022

Insights into CX solutions for healthcare organisations

6 Insightful Healthcare Case Studies to Read in 2022
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Published: October 14, 2022

Rebekah Carter

For years now, healthcare companies have been working to introduce a better quality of service to their patients. Recently, the impact of the pandemic, combined with rising customer expectations has placed significant additional pressure on these organisations.

To gain the trust of their patients in a complex environment, strengthen performance, and manage budgetary constraints, healthcare companies need to digitally transform. Embracing powerful CX-focused tools for contact centre performance, customer relationship management and workforce optimisation is a priority for almost every health innovator.

The right technology can simultaneously improve the performance of healthcare staff, boost loyalty levels, and even increase revenue. Studies show healthcare organisations who apply customer insights to their strategies are 5 times more likely to grow in revenue.

To help inspire your healthcare CX strategy, we’ve gathered some of the most insightful case studies shared by leading brands around the world today.

One Medical and Zendesk

One Medical is a membership-focused primary care provider committed to transforming the experience patients get from their doctors. With a focus on innovative technology and specialist care providers, One Medical is making it easier for patients to get assistance when they need it most.

With 70 offices located throughout the United States, One Medical’s team of support agents place an important role in delivering support to the brand. Leveraging Zendesk, the group has been able to build a powerful environment for assisting IT, HR, and Operations assistance to staff.

To further enhance the results of the ecosystem, One Medical has also leveraged a range of apps from the Zendesk Apps marketplace. With Zendesk and the accompanying apps, the brand has created an environment where 60% of all support tickets are resolved in a single day.

CancerIQ and HubSpot

Champions in the fight against Cancer, CancerIQ is a rapidly growing company committed to helping physicians identify high-risk patients. In recent years, the company needed to scale quickly, but was struggling to transfer essential knowledge to sales teams with separate technology systems.

With HubSpot, CancerIQ was able to build a more inclusive cultural environment, where employees can share knowledge, collaborate, and work seamlessly towards better customer service. CancerIQ began by implementing the HubSpot Sales hub environment to assist teams in managing daily outreach strategies and following crucial playbooks.

Over time, the company began to implement more of the “Hub” environments offered by HubSpot, including the Service hub for client service, and the CMS hub for tracking and understanding client insights.

Pharmacy2U and RingCentral

One of the UK’s first internet-based pharmacies, Pharmacy2U has introduced UK customers to an affordable and convenient way to have crucial medications delivered to their homes. Part of what helps this business to stand out in the transforming healthcare space, is its commitment to implementing the latest technological innovations.

Pharmacy2U has a mobile ordering app, self-service solutions for ordering repeat prescriptions, and a dedicated prescription-synchronisation tool. As the business began to grow in recent years, it found itself searching for a more powerful contact centre and unified communication solution, capable of keeping productivity levels and customer satisfaction high.

Through RingCentral’s combined contact centre and UC solution, Pharmacy2U was able to streamline employee performance, improve insights into business operations, and deliver the cross-channel communications consumers were looking for.

NHS 111 London and Content Guru

NHS 111 London is an organisation committed to triaging crucial healthcare calls in the capital of the United Kingdom. In recent years, the organisation was facing huge and unmanageable peaks in patient contact, driven by the pandemic. The only way to deal with the influx of demand was for the company to implement new and improved CX technology.

Content Guru’s “storm” contact centre team assisted the NHS 111 London team by helping them to build a comprehensive patient relationship management tool. The technology integrates medical and care information to automatically determine how to route interactions for the best results. The intelligent service has prompted significant improvements in both patient and employee experience.

What’s more, the historical and real-time reporting capabilities offered by the storm contact centre has allowed the healthcare team to easily spot developing trends in local health issues.

Carbon Health and Talkdesk

A human-centric and tech-powered healthcare company designed for the modern world, Carbon Health aims to remove the traditional boundaries facing the health landscape. The company wants to deliver high-quality and personalised support to everyone, through in-person and virtual appointments for primary, urgent, and mental healthcare.

As call volumes for the organisation began to increase during the pandemic, Carbon Health needed a new contact centre software to assist them in managing requests for patients. Talkdesk’s technology provided a fantastic solution, complete with integrations, innovative APIs, and AI solutions for automating common interactions.

Just by introducing Talkdesk technology into the workplace, Carbon Health was able to increase its clinic answer rate from 50 to 70%. What’s more, some clinics have even achieved an incredible 100% answer rate with Talkdesk for the first time.

Spital Limmattal and Avaya

Spital Limmattal is responsible for delivering care to more than 77,000 patients per year throughout the Swiss regions of Furttal and Limmital. To stay ahead of rising patient expectations, the hospital has made significant investments in new systems and technologies. One of the areas recently upgraded by the company, was its communications system.

In the past, the organisation had relied on various disconnected channels for internal and external communications. However, as the workforce began to evolve, the brand realised a need for a more connected and aligned ecosystem. With Avaya’s Digital Contact Centre and workspace solutions, Spital Limattal was able to minimize the complexity in the workplace and enhance customer experience.

The group noted the technology from Avaya was smooth and easy to provision for its employees. What’s more, the solutions have allowed for a significant leap forward in the brand’s communication strategy, improving patient comfort and satisfaction.



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