7 Insightful Telecoms and Media CX Case Studies to Read in 2022

Examples of CX innovations to inspire you

7 Insightful Telecoms and Media CX Case Studies to Read in 2022
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Published: September 12, 2022

Rebekah Carter

For telecoms and media companies, few things are more important than developing the right relationships with customers. To survive in today’s competitive landscape, communications brands need to earn the loyalty of businesses and investors committed to using their services long-term.

However, as customer expectations continue to evolve in today’s digitally-transforming world, staying ahead of the competition is easier said than done. Not only do brands need to be able to respond quickly to customer queries, but they need to offer a consistent, innovative, and even proactive experience across every available channel.

If you’re planning on investing in your CX strategy this year, to help take your telecoms company to the next level, you may want to start with a little inspiration. Here are some insightful telecoms CX case studies to get you on the right track.

Avaya and Cincinnati Bell

Launching in 1873, Cincinnati Bell has been connected to the communications industry for almost as long as the telephone has been available. As committed innovators in their field, the company consistently invests in new technology to enhance its service offerings and deliver the meaningful experiences customers are looking for. When the pandemic hit, the company turned to Avaya to ensure it could continue to impress its audience with amazing CCaaS solutions.

Facing a rapid and unpredictable increase of 50% in call volume during the pandemic, Cincinnati Bell needed a contact centre solution capable of adapting rapidly to new demands. The Avaya OneCloud CCaaS solution aligned more than 290 contact centre employees working remotely, while giving business leaders crucial insights into customer experience. The result was a scalable, stable, and powerful strategy for CX.

Talkdesk and AMC Networks

With a presence in more than 125 countries worldwide, AMC Networks has become a significant figure in the delivery of subscription streaming. Today, the brand is responsible for 11 corporate segments, each of which is committed to delivering sensational experiences for every customer. To stay ahead of the competition, AMC Networks knew it needed a contact centre and CX solution as agile and innovative as its brand.

Working hand-in-hand with Talkdesk, AMC Networks embraced the Talkdesk ecosystem to respond to customer queries and concerns in record time, even during the pandemic. The all-in-one solution was even designed to integrate with the company’s existing CRM and service desk solution from Freshdesk. Talkdesk allows AMC Networks to continue outshining the competition, no matter how much customer demand grows.

Genesys and 3

Looking for new opportunities for digital transformation, Danish telecom company “3” turned to the Genesys Cloud CX platform for a new level of exceptional customer service technology. Within a year of implementing a new cloud contact centre, the company was already experiencing phenomenal results, from a 10% boost in productivity, to a 15% increase in Net Easy Score.

Genesys allowed 3 to become an early adopter of cloud technology before many other telecoms brands were making the shift into an agile service environment. The flexible ecosystem has ensured the telecommunications brand can stay one step ahead of the competition in delivering excellent experiences through a range of channels to a growing consumer base. What’s more, the Genesys cloud technology also ensured 3 was prepared for a sudden shift into remote working when the pandemic hit in 2020.

NICE and Bell Canada

Bell Canada’s state-of-the-art contact centre solution provides omnichannel support to customers accessing a wide variety of telecommunication products. However, over the years, the company has experienced a number of issues with staff shortages and inefficiencies. In search of a more effective way to boost business operations, Bell Canada turned to the experts at NICE for help.

Using powerful solutions like NICE SmartSync, the company was able to internally develop a virtual management software layer. This system now streamlines interactions through simple SMS messaging with agents. The technology offered by NICE has allowed Bell Canada to unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity. The company was even able to maintain strong levels of service during the pandemic, thanks to a digitally-enhanced approach to customer support.

Five9 and TruConnect

American mobile virtual network operator TruConnect is an innovator in the communications and technology space. The company sells mobile hotspots, mobile data plans, phone and text plans, and smartphones through a partnership with the T-Mobile network. Committed to bridging the digital divide for often underserved communities, TruConnect partnered with the specialists at Five9 during the pandemic, to implement a more intelligent contact centre strategy.

With help from Five9, TruConnect was able to take its customer service to the next level, with AI innovations to increase agent engagement and productivity in a remote world. What’s more, the company was able to achieve significant cost savings (7.5% in the first year), and reduce handling times by an average of 30 seconds across the board.

Verint and Tele2

Countless customers across Europe use the telecommunications provider Tele2 to access essential mobile and internet services. Because the business has a huge number of employees advising customers on the use of its products, its important to ensure these team members are aligned with the same consistent information and guidance.

After evaluating a number of solutions to their customer service challenges, Tele2’s Swedish headquarters decided to choose the Verint ecosystem to enhance knowledge management across multiple branches in Europe. The simple and convenient knowledge management technology has increased customer satisfaction and employee experience, while ensuring Tele2 can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Salesforce and KPN

When KPN, a company committed to helping businesses find and leverage the right communication and technology solutions in their ecosystem decided to become more “customer centric”, it scoured the market for the best possible solution to help it reach its goals. Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM solution, seemed like the obvious choice for the transforming company.

Embracing various tools, from the Salesforce Sales and Services clouds to the Communications cloud, KPN created a single source of truth across the business. The all-in-one ecosystem has allowed KPN to successfully upgrade it’s strategy for customer service, while turning data from throughout the business into more actionable insights for continued growth.


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