‘AI Misconceptions are Slowing Down Adoption’ – Talkdesk

Sandra Radlovački

Alain Mowad, Director of Product Marketing, Talkdesk, uncovers how companies can take advantage of everyday AI

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‘AI Misconceptions are Slowing Down Adoption’ – Talkdesk

Several misconceptions around artificial intelligence (AI) are slowing down adoption in the contact centre, according to Talkdesk Director of Product Marketing Alain Mowad.

The exec said that the benefits of using AI for customer experience are multifold – ranging from extracting valuable customer insights to implementing automation.

But these benefits are not being realised because many companies think there are roadblocks on the way to adoption.

“The most common misconception is that AI is complicated and expensive. Although it was true a decade ago, it certainly isn’t the case anymore,” he said.

“AI has become very democratised in a way that anyone can use it in order to improve their business processes.

“Another misconception is that we often see AI as a solution looking for a problem, where it should actually be the opposite. We should know what the problems are and then apply AI to solve those problems.”

Making Use of Unstructured Data

Referencing a statistic from an Accenture report, which said that 80% of data that companies are collecting is unstructured, Mowad thinks companies often believe they need to hire data scientists or use expensive data tools to make use of this data. However, the reality is different.

“With recent advances in AI this is no longer an issue. Enterprises can now take advantage of unstructured data by analysing every detail of day-to-day customer interactions, such as customer behaviours and emotions.”

Extracting insights from unstructured data comes down to deep learning, explains Mowad. Natural Language Understanding particularly helps with parsing words and phrases to help figure out what is happening in a conversation.

The latest no-code/low-code capabilities allow businesses to tailor solutions to their specific needs.

According to Mowad, the beauty of no-code is that it allows almost anyone to create AI solutions and applications.

“Now any business user can get access to the insights with a few simple business rules in an easy-to-use interface.

“You can easily build AI assistants and chatbots that help agents who are dealing with customers on a daily basis by providing them knowledge articles, next-best actions, suggestions and so on.”

Saving Time with Automation

Elaborating on the convenience of AI for delivering better CX, Mowad mentioned it is a great tool for dealing with frequent customer enquiries.

“AI allows for automation of a lot of processes, such as answering ‘where is my order?’. These enquiries can be efficiently handled by a bot which improves both customer and agent experience.

“Spending time on mundane tasks can be tedious for an agent. We want agents to spend time on high-value interaction where a customer does need a live agent to help.”

In order to start their journey with AI, Mowad believes the key thing for companies is being able to partner with a vendor that has expertise in implementing AI applications into contact centres.

On top of that, there should also be some kind of a feedback loop through which companies can train and tune the AI system, and that is governed by humans for more effective outcomes.

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