Are Consumers Becoming More Digitally Savvy?

Rebekah Carter

The age of the savvy customer is here

Are Consumers Becoming More Digitally Savvy?

Digital transformation and the rise of new technology has had a huge impact on our world in recent years. Companies are adapting their business models to suit a connected age, but it’s not the business leaders that are responsible for pushing the majority of the change – it’s the customers.  

Today’s customers expect fast, customised, and connected experiences that are available on their favourite channels, in a way that suits them. In order to keep up with this new style of customer, businesses need to embrace technology that will allow them to embrace an agile and evolving strategy for customer experience (CX),

How Are Customers More Digitally Savvy? 

For years now, customers have been embracing new digital strategies for purchasing, customer service and more. The rise of intelligent mobile devices, smart speakers, apps, and automation has created a very different environment for all of us. The result is an informed customer that expects more from the standard business leader.  

Today’s consumers are always connected, aware of the possibilities of technology, and ready to embrace new experiences. Although this trend has been evident for a while, it’s become increasingly essential in the age following COVID-19. The shutdown of traditional shopping and service methods has increased demand for access to simple digital experiences.  

Today’s consumers are now using online channels, social media, and countless other tools to gravitate towards a contactless shopping experience. According to some studies in the UK, 36% of customers said that during the pandemic they had their first experience with video calling, while 15% used online grocery shopping for the first time.  

What Does the Digitally Savvy Customer Mean to You? 

As consumers continue to embrace more tech solutions for shopping and service, what does this mean to the modern business leader? The first thing you need to be aware of is your customer’s higher expectations. More than half of customers expect that they’ll get a response to their queries within an hour or less, and these consumers also expect to be able to reach you on the channels they choose.  

Consumers are becoming more reliant on apps and social media to connect with companies, as well as popular messaging tools like WhatsApp. They’re also searching for companies that can deliver better end-to-end purchasing experiences for them in the digital world. These consumers don’t just want access to ecommerce stores, they want you to give them unique experiences online.  

Virtual events, online demonstrations, and even virtual reality apps or augmented reality tools that allow users to experiment with products from a distance are becoming more popular. On top of that, your customer also expects you to take extra steps to keep them safe, whether this means delivering contactless payments, or taking additional steps for data protection.  

As the digitally savvy customer evolves, companies will need to be prepared to assess their audience and make changes according to the preferences and trends they discover. Now is the time to update your buyer personas and replan the customer journey, from start to finish.  

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