ASAPP Introduces AutoSummary for Post-Call Automation

The solution streamlines after call work (ACW) for agents

ASAPP Introduces AutoSummary for Post-Call Automation
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Published: May 27, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

AI research software company ASAPP has launched a new innovation – AutoSummary – that offers contact centres automatic conversation summaries.

The solution automatically processes customer conversation summary notes and delivers insights for use in business intelligence and CRM systems.

ASAPP Chief Product Officer Rachel Knaster said: “At ASAPP, we see automation of the call summarization process as an untapped opportunity to both improve agent productivity and provide meaningful insight from every customer interaction.”

“AutoSummary automates one of the most time-consuming processes for agents, while helping managers and executives unlock a wealth of information about their customers.”

AutoSummary uses machine learning and natural language processing technology to remove the inconsistent entry of conversation summaries. Meanwhile, the solution uncovers new insights in form of structured, analytics-ready summary data.

In a post on its blog, ASAPP highlights the value of automatic summaries, suggesting that the pauses agents make to take notes in the middle of conversation negatively affect customer experiences.

ASAPP’s Data Scientist Gonzalo Chebi, PhD, said: “This means that when an agent takes notes in the middle of the conversation, they are usually creating an artificial pause. In other words, they are transferring the time it would have taken to take the notes at the end, to more time spent on the call with each customer.”

“Having agents take notes during the conversation does not improve efficiency and may harm the overall customer experience,”, continued Chebi.

The solution offers two types of summaries:

  • Readable Summary – It automatically generates a detailed summary from a conversation transcript, usually stored in a case management or CRM system. It enables agents to find all the details on previous interactions with a customer
  • Analytics-ready Summary – It provides managers and executives with structured data on the content and outcome of every call. This data can help with business decisions, such as enhancing products or new revenue generation opportunities.

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