How Augmented Agents Drive CX

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

With Amazon leading the way on Augmented Reality, it’s high time other businesses caught up 

How Augmented Agents Drive CX

More than ever, companies are buying into the augmented agent approach to live chat customer experiences as the gold standard. This approach pairs a human agent with a chatbot buddy and tends to offer the best of both worlds. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, that big name brands such as Amazon use augmented reality to sell their products. The retail giant uses AR View, which works by allowing users to visualise items inside their homes using augmented reality technology before making a purchase. Amazon built on this last year, by outlining a scheme for alerting a delivery agent on the best times to make a delivery, the best routes to take and even the best places for parking. All of this overlaid on the agent’s AR headset. 

It seems augmented agents – and augmented realities – are becoming all the more common, particularly in these uncertain times we find ourselves in. But how do augmented agents perform in a contact centre?  

A Problem Shared  

Chatbots handle routine customer requests, and transfer users with more complex issues to a live agent. Customers receive prompt engagement from the chatbot, but always have the option to escalate their interaction to a human being. 

The bots can also provide prompts to help a live agent know what to say, and how best to respond to a customer request. The effect of this is a significant reduction in workplace stress and a higher level of employee satisfaction.  

While your chatbots may not be at the level of a science fiction story, when paired with live human agents they can help provide an “out of this world” customer service experience for your users, which is a goal that every growth-oriented business strives to achieve. So if you are exploring live chat options for your company, be sure to investigate the possible benefits of an augmented agent approach. 


Augmented agents can transform motivation in aiding human agents through prompts. It makes the customer experience far more attractive and the employee has the benefit of feeling completely supported within their role.  

Knowledge is Power 

Augmented Agent technology can be applied to all kind of fields and levels of knowledge within the customer contact centre. This is particularly true when applied to Skills Training. Chatbots can help newly recruited human agents find their feet earlier than expected with additional support, thus boosting productivity. 



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