‘Automation Takes Away the Drudgery’

Sandra Radlovački

Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope shares how the company is changing the CX game

‘Automation Takes Away the Drudgery’

David Dungay, Editor in Chief, CX Today, welcomes Rowan Trollope, CEO of Five9, to find out more about how Five9 is changing the CX game and its future plans.

Recalling the most popular trends in CX over the last 12 months, Trollope picks machine learning and automation as the latest technology to make their mark within the space.

“We’ve seen that machine learning is really catching up to some of the harder problems that have classically been either difficult or expensive to automate,” he says. “It’s opening the door for contact centres to be much more efficient.”

Trollope also believes that contact automation through intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) has created a better experience for customers, as they receive answers quicker.

In doing so, IVAs remove simple transactional contacts from the contact centre mix, something Trollope celebrates. “Automation tools take away the drudgery,” he proclaims.

Future Plans

Discussing the future plans of Five9, Trollope mentions a couple of big investments, one of them being re-architecting the entire platform.

“It took us three and a half years to refactor everything on the platform. As a result, we are now in some of the largest contact centres in the world.”

Five9 has also recently deployed new data centres, which CX Today spoke about with Genefa Murphy, the company’s CMO.

“We set up those data centres in such a way that companies in Europe can be fully GDPR-compliant. All your data on our platform is encrypted and resident in the European Union.”

Five9 is also establishing an innovation centre in Portugal, reveals Trollope.

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