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Published: August 31, 2023

Rebekah Carter

If you’re looking for a flexible way to upgrade your communications strategy, Avaya Communication APIs could be just the solution you need. Designed to help companies create more personalized customer experiences, these easy-to-use APIs are a testament to the rising impact of CPaaS.

More than just a UCaaS and CCaaS vendor, Avaya has proven to be a diverse partner for growing brands. The company has viewed CPaaS as a powerful force multiplier in the digital world for some time.

As companies search for ways to enhance their customer experience strategies, CPaaS solutions, such as Avaya’s APIs, offer a unique opportunity to adapt and evolve. With these tools, companies can easily integrate powerful AI capabilities, communication tools, and data-driven automation into enterprise workflows. Plus, there’s no need to rip and replace any existing infrastructure.

Here’s everything you need to know about Avaya Communication APIs.

What are Avaya Communication APIs?

Introduced as an alternative to Avaya’s previous “OneCloud CPaaS” solution, Avaya Communication APIs are designed to simplify and enhance business processes. Using these “application programming interfaces,” business leaders can tap into the latest innovations in AI and automation.

What’s more, you can quickly update your omnichannel CX strategy with phone features, texting, and chatbots, all ready to align with existing workflows.

Building on Avaya’s flexible approach to software, Avaya Communication APIs are available to access in two formats. Companies can develop their solution from scratch, using Avaya’s intuitive code and technology, or ask for extra help.

Brands without the proper bandwidth or developer expertise to build a comprehensive API solution can leverage the ACES (Avaya Customer Experience Services) team.

This team works collaboratively with businesses to find and build custom applications, which can often be imagined and deployed in just a few days.

Avaya Communication APIs: Capabilities

Avaya Communication APIs are designed to support companies of all sizes from various backgrounds. The company even offers specialist solutions for specific industries. For instance, in the health sector, companies can access convenient tools for patient communications.

In the financial landscape, Avaya offers tools for authentication and intelligent hotlines. Public sector companies can leverage 911 services, and retail brands can use numerous tools to enhance the customer journey.

Currently, Avaya Communication APIs fall into four categories:

Integrated Voice Calling

Avaya’s leadership position in the telephony landscape shines through in its collection of integrated voice-calling APIs. Companies can build their ideal phone system, ensuring they only pay for the services they need, such as:

  • Automatic speech recognition: Help customers navigate voice menus with ease.
  • SIP registration: Connect your existing phone infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Text to Text-to-speech: Instantly convert written text into natural voices with 20 languages.
  • Global phone numbers: Global and toll-free numbers across 12 countries.
  • Conferencing: Add voice conferencing capabilities to any app.
  • Call analytics: Real-time analytics, tracking, and background information on callers.
  • Transcription: Hybrid, keyword, and automatic transcription for voice calls.
  • Voice effects: Augment the pitch, temp, bitrate, and octaves of your voice.
  • IVR: Enable powerful self-service with interactive voice menus.
  • Split channel recording: Capture, store, and analyze calls on any channel.
  • Caller identity management: Mask caller IDs throughout every call.
  • Inbound call processing: Manage calls effectively in a developer-friendly environment.
  • Embedded AI: Bring AI from Avaya, IBM, and Google Cloud into calls.
  • Call tracking: Monitor call data and gain better insights into customers

Phone numbers

Alongside global phone numbers across multiple countries, Avaya Communication APIs support various other phone number options. You can buy numbers online with no provisioning required and simple, straightforward pricing. Options include:

  • Dedicated short codes: Support for SMS and MMS in bulk from a single number.
  • Shared short codes: Lease existing pre-approved codes for SMS and MMS.
  • Toll-free numbers: Numbers in 12+ countries, starting at $2 monthly.
  • Local phone numbers: Talk to customers using a local identity anywhere.
  • Global provisioning: Easily provision DID and toll-free numbers with IVR.

Avaya’s phone number APIs also support one-click enablement, with included Google CCAI for AI-enabled messaging and voice capabilities.


Messaging has become a must-have in today’s CX landscape. With Avaya Communication APIs, you can build all the messaging capabilities you need into your workflows in minutes. Messaging options include:

  • MMS: Send multi-media content to customers, such as images and videos.
  • Automated messaging: Automate reminders or send instant campaigns to customers.
  • Two-way SMS: Receive text messages for free and pay only for outgoing messages.
  • SMS enable: Port existing toll-free and local numbers and enable SMS and MMS features.
  • Bulk messaging: Send messages in bulk with real-time analytics and delivery status.
  • Delivery analytics: Track insights into every message your business sends.
  • Custom Sender ID: Alter the ID of your SMS to preserve a local identity.
  • Automatic text splitting: Automatically split longer text into segments.
  • AI Capabilities: Leverage toll-free and DID-enabled messaging with Google and IBM AI.
  • Surveying and polling: Deploy automated surveys and polls to customer groups.

Lookup Services:

Avaya Communication APIs also support worldwide carrier lookup options for insights into call origin. You can also use the technology to segment numbers, reduce spam, increase compliance, and assist your sales and marketing teams. Options include:

  • CMAN lookup: Identify caller names and IDs instantly.
  • BNA lookup: Find the physical location and name associated with a number.
  • Worldwide carrier lookup: Track carrier, country code, and device usage.

Avaya Communication APIs Review: Benefits

Avaya Communication APIs, just like the previous Avaya CPaaS service, empower businesses with flexibility and scalability. The ability to choose just the elements you need to run an effective communication strategy is a highly compelling option for many brands.

Plus, the fact that Avaya offers custom support and guidance means you don’t need extensive programming or technical knowledge to get started. Ready to suit a range of industries, the Avaya Communication APIs can address a range of use cases. Plus, they come with access to disruptive AI features from some of the biggest vendors in the world.

Some of the biggest benefits of Avaya Communication APIs include:

  • Versatility: With Avaya Communication APIs, companies only pay for the tools they’re going to use. You can build the ultimate communication stack from scratch, keep your existing infrastructure, and scale according to your needs.
  • Support: Avaya can do it for you if you don’t have the technical experts required in your business to create your own API solutions. The team offers extensive coding and development support to help you roll out your new technologies fast.
  • AI innovation: Artificial Intelligence comes baked into a number of the APIs available. With innovative solutions from Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and Avaya, you can dive into the latest disruptive features for the contact center.
  • Affordability: Not only can you avoid paying for solutions you don’t need with Avaya, but the solutions are highly affordable. There are options to match virtually any budget or requirement, no matter your industry.
  • Developer support: Avaya offers a range of developer support options to help you get started. This includes FAQs, REST API documentation, and InboundXML documentation. Plus, you can reach out to the team for extra guidance.

Who Needs Avaya Communication APIs?

As customer experience and communication evolve, countless companies search for more flexible solutions. Avaya Communication APIs give businesses a simple way to scale and update their communication strategies.

Business leaders can choose the capabilities they need from various solutions and embed them seamlessly into existing workflows. Plus, Avaya’s partnerships with leading companies like Google and IBM make access disruptive features easier than ever.

With Avaya Communication APIs, organizations can unlock the true potential of their communication stack for an affordable price. You don’t need to be a development expert to get started. With Avaya’s exceptional customer service team, you’ll have all the support you need.



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