Avaya Research: Total Experience Matters

The findings reveal that customer experience is only one piece of the puzzle

Avaya Research Total Experience Matters
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Published: March 9, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

That delivering customer experience isn’t particularly a one-man job reveals a new study commissioned by Avaya and conducted by IDG Communications.

According to Avaya, total experience is the interconnection of customer, employee, user, and multiexperience. In order to deliver a total experience to a customer, companies need to develop and pay attention to each of these four aspects.

Companies that struggle to see the link between customer experience and the other aspects of total experience might be missing out on a host of growth opportunities that great CX brings.

The findings reveal that most companies “believe customer experience is an intrinsic part of their brand”, with 82% saying that empowered employees contribute to good customer experiences. 83% of companies believe personalised interactions in crucial moments are essential, while 59% stated they are putting equal effort into each of these aspects of the total experience.

Although good communications strategies are the foundation of customer-centricity, the results of the study show that only 60% of companies have a planned-out, cohesive customer interaction strategy.

It has become a standard to employ well-known customer support tools and platforms channels such as email or social media and stop there. Companies that ranked high in total experience had been supporting employees with newer customer communication (chatbots, video chat, virtual assistants) and analytics tools to deliver a greater level of customer experiences.

Commenting on this, Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Avaya, said: “A monolithic, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t meet the wide range of needs businesses and their constituents have.”

“When companies intentionally combine customer, employee, user and multiexperience thinking, they elevate everything these approaches can achieve on their own – enabling them to deliver exactly what’s needed at every interaction.”

Out of 469 global enterprises surveyed, 71% with a good total experience score and 74% with good interaction strategies have deployed customer insight technology that empowers employees in delivering experiences.

Communications and collaboration tools do play a huge role in total experience, as 97% of companies say that the right tools can make or break customer experiences.


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