babelforce and Kustomer Partner to End Omni-Channel Woes

The companies seek to end common omni-channel frustrations and enhance contact centre conversations

babelforce and Kustomer Partner to End Omnichannel Woes
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Published: January 6, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

babelforce has announced a new integration with Kustomer, the CX platform that aims to unify all customer data in one central location.

With this announcement, babelforce can supply the full contact centre stack to clients, as well as data-driven routing and enhanced omni-channel capabilities.

Many of these capabilities are possible through the power of Kustomer’s solution. It provides contact centre teams with a simple timeline of customer interactions, alongside a view into their past and present sentiment levels.

Yet, this is just the beginning as babelforce build a solution that breaks down the three traditional barriers to delivering successful omni-channel experiences:

  1. Tracking the customer’s interaction history across channels
  2. Moving conversations across channels while maintaining context
  3. Adding new technologies into the contact centre infrastructure

Many contact centres struggle to meet these goals and, in doing so, fall short of classic customer expectations. An example is the common customer expectation for service reps to know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insight into their previous engagements. 72% of customers have this expectation, according to Microsoft research.

To cope with such demands and accelerate contact centre transformation projects, many large enterprises are increasing the size of their IT teams. Yet, this also has its drawbacks due to the lack of developer talent. In fact, 83% of CIOs struggle to recruit tech talent leading to overloaded IT departments.

By instead turning to no-code contact centres solutions – which babelforce and Kustomer provide – businesses can harness the power of a fully integrated contact centre with little developer support. Contact centre teams can then enjoy full collaboration on process design with their enterprise. They may also ensure that the systems fit primarily around the needs of customers and agents, not the IT team.

Making this point, Pierce Buckley, CEO and co-founder of babelforce says:

Just like us, Kustomer put conversations at the centre of everything they do. They’re also a no-code house, allowing people to build whatever they desire within their customer experience and customer service organizations.

Pressing forwards with this shared approach, the two companies have already secured their first mutual client, which is a household name within the digital banking industry.

The new client will embrace the data-driven routing capability that the integration offers. Using Kustomer to segment the customer base via sentiment, lifetime value, and other central CX metrics, the bank may use babelforce software to route customers to the most suitable agent. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also enhances CX.

To further improve CX, contact centres can create a proactive service strategy by taking advantage of the customer insights that are readily available through the Kustomer platform. Going through the customer’s preferred channel of contact, agents can – for example – provide tailored special offers to dissatisfied customers. Doing so keeps the customer base happy and healthy.

Finally, the bank aims to bolster the agent experience – through the integration – by making all customer information available in one location. As a result, the business addresses the frustration of continuously switching between systems. Again, this increases efficiency by driving down handling times, but it also streamlines the call handling process.

Achieving this is a longstanding aim within many contact centres. However, it is still one that many operations are struggling to get to grips with. For example, a 2019 CCW market study found that – in 80% of contact centres – agents must typically access multiple systems when supporting customers. As such, the report identifies disconnected technology as the most significant performance challenge across the industry.

Yet, the babelforce and Kustomer integration seeks to support companies in developing a fully integrated contact centre and end such omni-channel woes.




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