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Published: April 28, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

From Microsoft’s latest contact center feature to analytics and reporting innovation, here are some extracts from our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

Microsoft Showcases How Copilot Augments Contact Center Experiences

Copilot is Microsoft’s hallmark generative AI application.

Embedded across much of the Microsoft portfolio, it understands text prompts, adds context, and auto-generates content.

In Teams, it generates meeting summaries. In PowerPoint, it creates slides based on written materials, such as press releases. And in Excel, it spotlights insights within large datasets.

Now, Microsoft has released a demo showcasing how Copilot can augment the contact center experience in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Currently, there is only one use case: auto-generating agent responses. Yet, it’s powerful. Here is a quick overview of how it works.

Auto-Generating Agent Responses

Inside Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Copilot has a dedicated panel on the agent desktop.

With a click of a button, agents can transfer a question that a customer asks – across either email or live chat – into this panel.

Once it’s there, Copilot analyzes internal datasets to provide a natural language answer.

These datasets may include insights stripped from the company website, resolved case notes, product manuals, and published knowledge articles.

With the answer in hand, agents may then review, modify, and send the response. (Read on…) 

Say Hello to Amazon Connect’s Latest Analytics & Reporting Capabilities

AWS has announced the general availability of an automated quality assurance (QA) solution native to Contact Lens.

Contact Lens is the conversational analytics platform that sits inside Amazon Connect.

This latest addition scours every customer conversation, auto-filling an evaluation form.

As such, every contact center interaction receives a score that reflects the agent’s performance.

With that said, service leaders cannot just copy and paste across the quality scorecard that analysts fill out during manual QA sessions. There are limitations.

Nevertheless, Contact Lens will automatically populate black-and-white criteria, such as script adherence, sensitive data collection, and customer greetings.

Here’s a screenshot of the application, which highlights some of the insights Contact Lens generates across every interaction.

Contact Lens Auto QA (Image 1)

With this, service leaders gain a more holistic view of agent performance, which they can harness to spot coaching opportunities and give positive recognition.

In addition, analysts may utilize these new insights to evaluate the interactions that are more likely to shine a light on an agent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of using traditional “lucky dip” evaluation, which agents often find unfair, this allows analysts to look closer under the hood of agent performance to drive positive change. (Read on…)

SAP Promises Disruptive Generative AI Innovation

SAP announced it will soon be introducing disruptive generative AI at the company’s Q1 2023 earnings call.

The business and customer relations software specialist has had strong quarterly results with cloud revenue growing 22 percent year-over-year and total Q1 revenue growth of nine percent.

SAP sold its stake in Qualtrics to Silver Lake and CPP Investments for $12.5 billion in March this year. The sale is currently pending customary regulatory clearances, according to SAP’s new CFO, Dominik Asam.

Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, said: “Our AI is built for business, with AI capabilities built-in to deliver strong business outcomes for our customers’ most critical business functions, and, with Datasphere, we laid the strongest data foundation in business.

We are in the advanced stages to apply generative AI across our portfolio, and we are working as an early-release partner of OpenAI.

“Together with other vendors, we are planning to announce new disruptive AI use cases. Stay tuned for Sapphire.” (Read on…)

Teleperformance Proposes Acquisition of Majorel

Teleperformance has made a move to acquire Majorel, which – if accepted – would result in the formation of a $12BN company with a large presence in all major economies.

The global digital business services company, Teleperformance, has offered €3BN cash and €1BN of Teleperformance shares in exchange for all of Majorel’s shares.

The combined Teleperformance-Majorel company would create geographical synergies, deepen expertise across verticals, scale-up capabilities, broaden portfolios, and allow Teleperformance to achieve its 2025 revenue objective of €10 billion two years early.

Daniel Julien, Chairman and CEO of Teleperformance, said:

This is an immediate win-win deal for the shareholders of both groups, and the common commitment of the leadership of both groups is to supercharge our creation of value.

The majority shareholders of Majorel have already committed to selling their Majorel shares and will receive Teleperformance shares in return, depending on how the other shareholders vote.

In addition, the management and supervisory board of Majorel have reportedly welcomed the offer, and they believe that accepting it would be in the best interest of the company, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders.

The transaction is aligned with Teleperformance’s ‘Cube’ strategy, aimed at creating parallel lines of business, building industry domain expertise, and expanding complementary geographical territory.

Teleperformance’s strength in servicing in the Americas would be complemented, for example, by Majorel’s strength in Europe.

The acquisitions would also lead to a scaled-up presence in Asia-Pacific and Africa. (Read on…)



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