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Published: November 1, 2021

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

From funding rounds and new launches to acquisitions and partnerships – a lot can happen in a week. But don’t fluster, we’ve selected our top five popular pieces of news in the realm of agents, business leaders, new solution launches and mergers. Find last week’s trending titles below!

LivePerson Acquires VoiceBase and Tenfold

LivePerson announced two major strategic acquisitions: VoiceBase, a leader in real-time speech recognition and conversational analytics, and Tenfold, an advanced customer engagement platform for integrating communication systems with leading CRM and support services.

Puzzel Signs Deal with EvaluAgent to Optimise EX & CX

Puzzel has partnered with EvaluAgent, a Quality Assurance and performance management platform.

The technology is to be integrated into the Puzzel’s Cloud based Customer Service Platform, designed to directly address some of the biggest workforce engagement and optimisation challenges contact centres face as a result of COVID-19.

NetSfere Launches New Omni-channel Portal

NetSfere has launched a new omni-channel portal to help businesses integrate multi-channel capabilities for customers at global scale.

The omni-channel platform allows developers to quickly build and integrate customer communication at scale, and deliver experiences, including delivery of important alerts, reminders, and notifications.

Facebook Rebrands to Improve Customer Perception

Branding expert Rebecca Biestman, who worked on large company branding, including The Gap, and Morgan Stanley, told CX Today Facebook’s rebranding plans – announced last week – will not repair damage to the company’s reputation reduced through the Cambridge Analytica and Russian influence scandals.

Vonage Partners with Etisalat Digital

Vonage has announced a new strategic partnership with Etisalat Digital, with the pairing to drive personalised customer experiences through customisable communications APIs (Application Programming Interface).

The partnership aims to boost CX in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, transportation, automotive, education and government sectors through the Vonage Communications Platform.





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