Capacity Debuts AI Support Automation Platform

William Smith

The solution relies on a no- and low-code platform accessible via conversational AI

Capacity Debuts AI Support Automation Platform

Support automation platform Capacity has announced the release of an AI platform for automating support and business processes. 

The solution relies on a no- and low-code platform, accessible via conversational AI, which enables human-AI cooperation and task management. 

“Capacity was founded with a simple mission: help teams do their best work. We spend half of our waking hours at work, yet most of our time is wasted looking for information we should already have,” said Capacity CEO David Karandish 

“With Capacity’s support automation platform, teams can work more efficiently knowing the information they need is readily available whenever they need it.  By ensuring a company’s intelligence, apps, documents, and knowledge are easily accessible in one platform instead of scattered across multiple point solutions, we’re fulfilling our mission by bringing meaningful improvements to the employee and customer experience.” 

Featuring a workflow automation suite and database, the solution also includes a developer platform. 

“The objective of support automation is to decrease the requirement for human interaction in terms of responding to repetitive consumer inquiries or managing routine business operations,” said Michael Hunigan, VP of Product at Capacity. “By utilising Capacity, teams are empowered to focus on human-centric tasks that require higher level thinking.” 

Among the solution’s features are: 

  • An all-in-one helpdesk to answer FAQs and reduce tickets in the queue 
  • Workflows for automating time-consuming processes 
  • Options for building use-friendly employee knowledge bases 
  • A conversational interface with natural language processing and app integrations 

“Instead of our team spending 80% of their time responding to frequently asked questions, they can now spend that 80% or even 100% on the areas that are hard in our business,” said Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer and Partner at PRMG, a customer of Capacity. “The one asset you can’t get back is time, but you can use it more efficiently with Capacity.”



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