CCaaS: How a ‘Do Once, Use Often’ Integration API is Future-Proofing the Contact Center

Smart ‘Contacto’ platform has the power to seamlessly merge multiple enterprise applications on demand

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CCaaS: How a ‘Do Once, Use Often’ Integration API is Future-Proofing the Contact Center
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Published: December 2, 2022

Simon Wright - DP

Simon Wright

Tab hopping, swivel chairing, screen switching: anyone need definitions?

If so, just ask your contact center agents – they will doubtless give you chapter and verse.

Super-annoying and time-consuming, they are the detrimental-yet-wholly-avoidable consequences of omni-channel customer communication innovation.

On one hand, enterprises are making it easier for customers to engage by opening up new and dynamic channels.

On the other, those same enhancements mean agents must constantly flip between multiple, disconnected applications; often cancelling out hard-won efficiency gains.

Externally, the challenges are hard enough: voice, SMS, email, and a growing number of social media platforms providing customers with an ‘anywhere, any time, any how’ way of getting in touch.

Add agents’ required real-time engagement with business-critical internal CRM applications into the mix and it’s easy to understand why that hopping, swivelling and switching is so prevalent.

Smart APIs help, of course.

The bespoke, individual integration of cloud-based contact centers with specific enterprise applications such SalesForce or Zendesk has been around for a while.

However, now it’s possible to integrate with any API-based system.

And that means – whether you are an end user enterprise or a Managed Service Provider – opportunities abound.

“Customer service agents should have to access as few applications as possible – being able to integrate your contact center with any of them at any time has to be the way forward,” says Mike Winslow, Product Marketing Manager at global cloud communications provider Plivo, whose smart and powerful contact center solution ‘Contacto’ delivers on precisely that goal.

“Reducing agents’ need to navigate in and out of multiple apps and screens reduces their cognitive load. It enables them to focus fully on valuable soft skills such as empathy and compassion which make the crucial difference during a customer support conversation.

“System switching, tab hopping, swivel chairing – these are the bane of agents’ workflows but can now be eradicated easily and at no extra cost.”

In Contacto’s case, an in-built API is able to integrate the platform with virtually any application or database (a small number of lesser-known apps may require some very slight additional customisation).

From giants such as Salesforce or Zendesk to lesser-known or homegrown systems and databases, it cleverly unifies functionality and workflows and brings everything together onto one easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

Agents are able to work almost exclusively within the Contacto platform whilst interacting with pertinent data needed during a customer support encounter.

“Most contact center solutions these days have API integrations. The differentiator here is the capability to integrate with any ReSTful, API-based system without the heavy lift or resource drain on an engineering or technical team. This drastically reduces the implementation runway from weeks to days,” says Winslow.

“Contacto’s API takes an ‘integrate with anything’ approach which is obviously much more cost-effective and which provides customers with complete flexibility and confidence with which to continue their digital transformation journey.”

The benefits are felt by all parties.

The organization gets to leverage that cost-effectiveness, flexibility and confidence; the agent no longer has to fight with tab hopping or swivel chairing; the customer contact enjoys an enhanced level of service.

“It’s all about being able to simplify organizations’ day-to-day operations, modernise their systems and grow their businesses,” says Winslow.

“Contacto is built from the ground up as a modern contact centre with all of the omni-channel and data analytics capabilities that today’s enterprises need. Being able to easily and seamlessly integrate it with any other systems makes it a seriously powerful tool for now and the future.”

To learn more about how Contacto can help your and your customers’ business digitize and thrive, visit Contacto.




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