CommerceIQ Extends Omni-channel & Instacart Ads Integration 

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Enables brands to optimise discoverability 

CommerceIQ Extends Omni-channel & Instacart Ads Integration 

CommerceIQ has announced an integration with Instacart, an online grocery delivery platform in America.  

Brands will be able to drive market share on this channel via a new API integration and product offering called CIQ Advertising for Instacart.  

The new product enables brands like Pilgrim’s Pride to obtain real-time visibility across all their campaigns on Instacart Ads and leverage CommerceIQ’s AI capabilities to apply automations in bulk to optimise Featured Product ads on Instacart. 

Ryan Mayward, Vice President of Ad Sales at Instacart, said: “CommerceIQ’s integration of the Instacart Ads API bodes well for the fast-growing online grocery segment. 

“As consumers continue to flock to Instacart to take advantage of the breadth of offerings and retailers that we support, platforms like CommerceIQ will make brands more efficient and effective, not only in reaching their target audience, but in ensuring that their e-commerce operation is optimised for success. We are excited to welcome CommerceIQ to the Instacart Ads API Partner family.” 

Guru Hariharan, CEO and Co-Founder of CommerceIQ, added: “We announced our omni-channel offering back in April, and since then we have consistently added capabilities to our platform that reflect our customers’ need for managing their e-commerce business across all retail media. 

“We are committed to ensuring automation at scale regardless of channel and today’s announcement is one more step towards fulfilling our vision. We are excited to be able to work with Instacart Ads to drive growth in one of the fastest growing segments in e-commerce.” 

CIQ Advertising uses AI to convert business objectives into recommendations and automates the decision-making process so brands can operate at algorithmic speed, being always-on and retail aware. 

The new CIQ Advertising for Instacart offering provides a single view of all ad campaigns that are running on Instacart Ads and allows users to gain visibility on top performers across campaigns, keywords or SKUs without having to manually drill down into each campaign. Brands can track advertising performance across different purchase journeys on Instacart such as search, browse and impulse buy.  

Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, CommerceIQ classifies consumer searches into branded, category or competitor keyword types to understand purchase intent and identifies highly incremental searches where there are opportunities to drive spend for maximum ROI. On top of this holistic dataset, users can add a rule based on any performance metric, purchase journey or keyword type and take bulk actions with a single click instead of manually managing this process one campaign or keyword at a time.  

Through this combination of reporting and automations, customers can improve the efficiency of their advertising campaigns, drive efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, and more importantly, drive incremental sales. 

Taken together, these capabilities enhance the power of the Instacart Ads API, driving value and immediate results for brands running extensive campaigns on the platform. 



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