Contact Centre Technology: Leading Provider MaxContact Announces Accelerated Development of AI-driven Customer Engagement Solutions

New growth and innovation funding powers bold and ambitious CCaaS platform enhancement

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Contact Centre Technology Leading Provider MaxContact Announces Accelerated Development of AI-driven Customer Engagement Solutions - CX Today News
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Published: September 7, 2023

Simon Wright - DP

Simon Wright

New and existing customers of leading engagement technology provider MaxContact are to benefit from a major acceleration in the development of its AI-powered interaction tools. 

The boost – supported by significant new capital investment – will specifically scale in-house software engineering and operations teams in ways that will develop and deliver increasingly smart and efficient user experiences. 

It means enterprise customers of all sizes will be able to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance contact centre engagement whilst simultaneously driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability gains. 

MaxContact, based in Manchester, UK, and with clients in Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia and the Phillipines, is a leader in the provision of contact centre customer engagement platforms capable of capturing, analysing and acting upon large volumes of call and messaging data. 

Its acceleration of AI research, development, and deployment will enable users of those platforms to capitalise on efficiency opportunities presented by natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. 

“The world is going through one of the biggest technological evolutions of our lifetime and it is crucial that businesses keep pace,” says CEO Ben Booth. 

“Cloud migration has already changed everything, and Artificial Intelligence is now the focus. Of course, leveraging the power of AI has always been in our road map but we are now in a position to accelerate and develop tools faster than even we thought possible. We have already begun developing some hugely exciting ideas that will add value to our clients, both existing and new.” 

Specifically, MaxContact is investing heavily in AI-powered conversational analytics to enhance its omnichannel platform’s regulatory compliance and quality management capabilities for customers in, for example, the financial services sector. 

“We are proud to have built a robust contact centre customer engagement platform that serves thousands of users every minute of every day,” says Booth. “It means we’ve not only got a wealth of experience in this space, but we can analyse large volumes of call and message data to develop AI tools that help to drive efficiency and ensure companies communicate compliantly with customers, simply and easily. One of the biggest challenges for many of those companies is increased customer demand. Our solutions will help businesses manage this demand more efficiently and reduce repetitive work landing in the lap of skilled agents, ultimately providing them with a more efficient and improved work-life balance.” 

The funding for MaxContact’s accelerated development has been secured through the unique Venture and Growth Finance Fund of UK bank NatWest, dedicated to supporting high-growth, innovative scale-up businesses. 

There is a plan to expand its current workforce by 50% and to tap into the North West of England’s  rich and rapidly-expanding pool of technological talent. Indeed, Booth himself is a graduate of the University of Manchester and was born and raised in the area. 

“Manchester and the North West of England in general has become a UK hub for technology companies and, as a result, there is a lot of expansion, which is fantastic,” he says. “MaxContact has always had a commitment to technological development and this funding boost means we can push on at pace. However, we also want to continue to build a dynamic, creative, business where people thrive and are fulfilled.” 

It’s the same culture that is also at the heart of the business’s expanding global partnership network. 

“I am a big fan of the reseller partnership model and a passionate channel advocate,” says Booth. “Partnership can often be an over-used term but for us, true partnership is about sharing success. We are now better placed than ever to develop the AI-powered technology, software, and solutions that will provide enterprises everywhere with the functionality and capability to succeed and grow. 

“However, our culture, our people, and our approach to business is also a differentiator. For us, it’s about innovation, energy, integrity, honesty: all of the things upon which our business is based. 

“It’s an exciting time for businesses that embrace continued technological advancement and, for us, it’s exciting to be able to support them on their journeys.” 

To learn more about how MaxContact can help your and your customers’ businesses leverage the accelerated enhancement of its AI-powered customer engagement solutions, click here. 

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