Coveo Debuts GenAI Tools on Genesys Cloud and AppFoundry

Coveo aims to fuel the genAI working revolution with its new partnership

Coveo Debuts GenAI Tools on Genesys Cloud and AppFoundry
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Published: May 17, 2024

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week, Coveo announced integration on the Genesys Cloud and AppFoundry to scale the distribution of Coveo’s enterprise AI platform, including search and genAI features. Moreover, by debuting on the Genesys marketplace, Coveo can enhance customer and workers’ experiences, enabling improved business outcomes. 

Patrick Martin, the EVP of Customer Experience at Coveo, added: 

Customer service agents are the heart of any enterprise and it’s imperative to provide them with the tools to mitigate escalations and tackle new challenges that might come their way. We’re excited to combine forces with the leading CCaaS (Contact Center-as-a-Service) platform and their strong track record of simplifying the agent experience. Together, we will improve the customer and agent experience by giving agents the personalized and relevant knowledge, now with generative answers, at the right time to improve both their workflow and deliver business results.

The CX solution providers are partnering to help drive AI in the workplace. Integrated genAI systems are already changing how brands interact with customers; with Coveo’s most recent update, the firm aims to empower contact centre agents with relevant insights and generative answers.

The Coveo for Genesys Cloud service allows agents to use genAI search, AI recommendations, and generative answering technologies to help them solve complex issues, perform onboarding exercises, undergo upskilling, improve workflow efficiency, and increase first-call resolution.

Coveo and Genesys note that the partnership helps service leaders and clients meet critical efficiency goals and priorities while producing exceptional customer experiences. 

More on Coveo for Genesys Cloud

Coveo for Genesys Cloud introduces a range of powerful tools for CX clients and workers; now, thanks to the marketplace’s debut, adopting firms can significantly improve workflows.

Namely, the partnership integrates Coveo AI enterprise-ready content into the Genesys desktop service, creating an accessible and easy-to-use avenue to access Coveo’s innovative AI features. These include “out-of-the-box” AI services that Coveo explicitly designed for agent productivity, customer experience, and first-contact resolution.

Conveo is securing adopters with “enterprise-tested” genAI software that is ready for CX working environments and technology stacks to ensure a client’s success with AI. This allows contact centres to scale headcounts and customer experience without hurdles.

Hayley Sutherland, Author of the Reports and IDC Research Manager, Conversational AI & Intelligent Knowledge Discovery, added:

Coveo is a Leader in two IDC MarketScapes, the IDC 2023 MarketScape for Worldwide General-Purpose Knowledge Discovery and the 2023-2024 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Knowledge Discovery for Internal Use Cases. Customers have praised Coveo for its prepackaged, easy to use solutions that enhance both CX and EX. With Coveo’s GenAI backed features and advanced relevance, it should be a great fit with Genesys to enhance digital experiences in the Contact Center.

Coveo believes enabling a workplace AI revolution requires a “robust, spinal and composable infrastructure” that securely standardizes CX content. With the Genesys partnership, Coveo should be able to help forward-thinking firms take further steps towards transforming operations with genAI.

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