CPaaS Provider Soprano Launches Contact Centre Feature  

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Conversations allows users to manage communications across multiple channels 

CPaaS Provider Soprano Launches Contact Centre Feature  

CPaaS provider Soprano has launched its new contact centre capability called Conversations. 

This module allows Soprano users to view and manage all communications across multiple channels associated with contacts from a single chat window. 

Jane White, Product Marketing Manager, said: “With a growing emphasis on customer experience, businesses are feeling the pressure to make their customer-facing communications accessible, personal, and efficient.

“It is also critical for businesses to prioritise the experience and efficiency of their customer care and support teams. High turnover and runaway variable costs in these departments can be difficult to balance for firms which are competing with CX in the forefront of their strategy.” 

The solution can be used in the following cases: 

  • Travel and hospitality: A hotel or resort can create a record of anyone who books a stay, and if at any time that person messages the hotel, their conversation will be saved. Should this person need additional help on the same topic at a later date in their stay, they can pick the conversation up with customer service where it left off. If a hotel or resort chain or member-based hospitality group engages the same guest, they can have personalised conversations with a history available to any service agent engaging with that guest 
  • Financial services: Bank agents who communicate with account holders can field initial requests and concerns about loans, balances, fraud, etc., and should the conversation be interrupted or necessitate a waiting period, the account holder can re-engage with the bank at the appropriate time without having to re-brief the service agent. The conversation will continue with all the relevant context available to the service agent 
  • Retail: Productivity, routing, logistics, and customer service operations can all benefit from chat-like interactions with context. Should an issue occur either internally or externally, the issue can be resolved or revisited over time with increased efficiency when the relevant information is accessible. Customers of a firm will appreciate an enhanced customer experience where they do not have to re-relay information to a customer service agent when multiple points of contact are made

Soprano has more than 150 of the Global Forbes 2000 companies and runs some of the largest SMS deployments in the world, many of which rely heavily on their customer service and contact centre communications to deliver timely, trusted messages.  

Conversations will be used across all big verticals and will expand across types of channels. 



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