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Published: April 9, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Investing in the right technology for consistent communications and exceptional customer service has always been a challenge for construction companies. Often, these organizations operate in a globally distributed environment, with team members located in a host of different spaces. 

CCaaS solutions, provided through the cloud, can offer construction brands some of the crucial agility they need to thrive in the new CX-focused era. But success starts with choosing the right solution. That’s something Travis Perkins, a leading construction brand, discovered recently.  

Travis Perkins operates in an environment where amazing customer service is crucial to success. Across 19 businesses, the company employs hundreds of agents, to help respond to customer queries and deliver support. However, the organization’s previous on-premises contact center lacked a number of crucial functions, from ACD to centralized management. Fortunately, Travis Perkins found a solution in the form of the Content Guru storm platform 

Unifying Customer Communications in the Cloud 

A lack of sophisticated solutions for handling customer conversations made it difficult for the Travis Perkins brand to deliver the right level of customer support. The isolated contact centers managed by the brand were often overwhelmed when hit by peaks in communication traffic, preventing queries from being handled quickly and effectively. What’s more, many of the tools used by the company were on the verge of being discontinued.  

With its cloud-based platform, storm, Content Guru was able to jump to the rescue, rapidly configuring and deploying solutions for three of the geographically disparate sites owned by the construction brand. The team phased out previous legacy tools, and introduced a variety of powerful new solutions, such as IVR, and intelligent automated contact distribution.  

The storm contact center allowed the company to connect every incoming inquiry from customers to the most suitable skilled agent in the shortest period of time. This effectively reduced response and contact handling times, increasing efficiency, and boosting team performance. The unlimited capacity of the storm platform also meant Travis Perkins sites could continue to deliver amazing service when contact volumes began to increase.  

Transforming CX with Limitless Scalability 

The flexible contact center technology offered by Content Guru gave Travis Perkins the flexibility and scalability it needed to begin significantly upgrading its approach to customer service. The technology even identifies inbound numbers and the geographic origin of each call, to help connect contacts to local account owners, building trust and customer engagement.  

Travis Perkins also took advantage of the comprehensive historical and real-time reporting capabilities offered by storm. These tools allowed the team to give contact center managers more comprehensive visibility into performance and agent activities. The convenient toolkit now allows the company to act immediately on the data it collects, so it can constantly optimize its services. 

What’s more, the multi-tenancy model storm provides means Travis Perkins has the opportunity to constantly add new services and migrate more of its businesses into the cloud as it continues to adapt and evolve.  


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