CX Outsourcing Case Study in Focus: Zevas and Five9

Rebekah Carter

Five9 helps Zevas pivot to cloud-based solutions

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CX Outsourcing Case Study in Focus: Zevas and Five9

As demand for innovative CX outsourcing solutions continue to accelerate in the current landscape, BPO providers need to ensure they have access to the right tools to serve their clients. While CX outsourcing solutions, like outsourced contact centre and relationship management are becoming more desirable, they can only be offered when BPO brands have access to the right tools.

For many BPO solution providers, one of the most significant investments required to deliver powerful CX opportunities in the modern landscape is a cloud contact centre. CCaaS services allow BPO providers to deliver exceptional customer service to clients around the world, with access to scalable, distributed teams.

Zevas Communications, a privately owned provider of insourced and outsourced customer service solutions for global and national companies, turned to Five9 for help ensuring they could continue to deliver exceptional service in a cloud-based environment.

Here’s how Zevas and Five9 joined forces.

Making the Transition to a Digital Workforce

A privately-owned leading provider of insourced and outsourced customer contact solutions for both global and national companies, Zevas Communications is a major player in the CX outsourcing space. With a headquarters in Ireland, the company serves a wide selection of industry verticals, including financial services, telecommunications and more, across distributed global markets.

The team of highly skilled staff in the Zevas company, combined with the brand’s hands-on management style and focus on embracing best-of-breed technologies, allows companies to interact with clients wherever they need them. Zevas supports stronger communications and better relationships on the web, through VoIP, and via email.

Every communication session is designed as a tailored solution for the needs of each specific business client, and Zevas has multiple outbound and inbound call agents dedicated to supporting teams. Like many companies, before the pandemic, the Zevas brand was already in the process of moving into the cloud as they searched for a more responsive and agile business strategy.

When the pandemic hit, the company increased its focus on finding a business strategy that would allow the team to find additional talent around the globe. Five9 emerged as the ultimate solution, capable of offering the expertise and technology the Zevas brand needed.

Empowering Teams with Five9

According to the Chief Commercial Officer for Zevas, David Cashman, other vendors assessed by the brand weren’t able to offer the same level of support and expertise provided by Five9. The Five9 team made Zevas feel comfortable as they transitioned into the cloud.

With Five9, Zevas was able to take its cloud solution live just as the pandemic restrictions of 2020 were coming into play, forcing more team members to operate from home. According to Cashman, having a specialist company with experts on-hand to help onboard staff members was extremely useful. Five9 helped Zevas to pivot 130 locations into work-from-home opportunities, without disrupting agent productivity or client service.

What’s more, Five9’s flexible technology ensures the company can continue to scale and move quickly in the years ahead, delivering access to innovative telephony and communication methods. Zevas believes with Five9 it’s working with the best-in-class company for its contact centre needs.

The value of transitioning to the cloud has been incredible for Zevas. The company currently supports various contact centre and outbound selling services for many large global organizations, and the cloud environment means they can scale more effectively. While being on-prem had restrictions for the brand, the open-ended nature of the cloud means Zevas can deliver a limitless, excellent experience for their customers.

Notably, Five9 also offers access to unique features which helps to make life easier for Zevas agents. Because Zevas agents don’t use scripts, it’s extremely useful for the company to have access to silent coaching features, so experienced leaders can support agents and new reps in having more effective conversations.

Delivering an Always Available Approach

According to Zevas, at a time when everything is fast-paced and on-demand, it’s important they can support their customers on all channels, when they need it most. Cashman believes whether for a call or chat, Zevas needs to provide an “always available” approach. The contact centre for the team is also a strategy centre, where Five9 empowers staff to be innovative.

Through the Five9 platform, Zevas also leverages an omnichannel demand generation platform. The company wants to slowly interact with customers at various points in their journey, bringing them closer to the phone conversation, and agents are hired for their personalities and human touch.

Notably, Zevas also relies heavily on the ability to capture information about conversations. While it’s important to celebrate positive feedback, it’s also useful to collect negative insights to help inform the businesses Zevas works to support. The Five9 environment makes it easier to collect useful and engaging information about the customer journey.

According to Cashman, by collecting the right information, it’s possible for Zevas to tell companies the main reasons why their clients end up saying “no” to them. This kind of insight is incredibly useful for all brands.

Looking Ahead with Five9 and Zevas

Looking forward, Zevas hopes to continue building on its successful partnership with the Five9 team. Even during an incredibly challenging time for all businesses, Five9 helped Zevas to keep their business on track, and continue delivering customer support with a crucial human element.

The move to the cloud with Five9, according to Cashman, has enabled the company to keep their workforce working – which is extremely important to the company. Cashman believes there’s a long road ahead in the partnership between Five9 and Zevas, as the company continues to prioritize the development of highly personalised and efficient experiences for customers.


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