CX Today Announces Partnership with EXCO

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CX Today Announces Partnership with EXCO
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Published: May 15, 2024

DavidDungay Dungay

CX Today is thrilled to announce a renewed partnership with the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO), aimed at educating Customer Experience professionals across the globe.

ECXO is a European open-access professional business network of industry leaders striving to raise the bar for Customer and Employee Experiences, Innovation and Design. The organization fosters a community of learning by bringing professionals together to share knowledge, best practice, events, insight, stories and lessons on what works in today’s environment supported by world top CX thought leaders.

In today’s competitive business environment, the lines between customer, employees, and partner experiences and the need for innovation are increasingly blurred. Organizations recognize that happy and engaged employees are the cornerstone of delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensure growth and revenue generation.

Conversely, satisfied customers with design that generates adoption are more likely to remain loyal and advocate for a brand, contributing to a positive work environment for employees and outcomes for your customers. This partnership acknowledges the interconnectedness of CX, EX, Design and Innovation, leveraging it to deliver comprehensive solutions that benefit businesses and individuals alike.

On the renewed partnership, Co-Founder of ECXO Ricardo Saltz Gulko highlighted the significance of partnering with CX Today, which recently acquired MyCustomer: “We’re excited to collaborate with such a reputable CX digital magazine and their team,” Gulko said.

“We look forward to co-creating practical discussions,  and events while producing valuable content and research for the global corporates as we evolve alongside CX Today.”

Over the coming year and beyond, CX Today and ECXO will support each other and other corporates as they continue to educate the corporate market and foster an environment of collaboration, inclusivity, and equality among us all.

CX Today Editor in Chief, David Dungay commented, “This partnership is so important for the industry and I am excited to help continue the mission with ECXO to educate readers on mastering Customer Experience today and in the future. We have lots of activity planned so make sure you keep an eye on the website for opportunities to get involved.”


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