Deutsche Kreditbank Leverages Pega Platform to Automate Workflows

Sandra Radlovački

DKBS managed to automate several time-consuming back-office tasks with the platform

Pegasystems Strategy
Deutsche Kreditbank Leverages Pega Platform to Automate Workflows

Pegasystems has announced that DKB Service GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Kreditbank AG, has deployed Pega Platform to automate service processes.

Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, DKBS has managed to automate several time-consuming back-office tasks during the first phase of the rollout.

Pega Platform has helped DKBS employees with tasks such as managing digital mail distribution, name changes, and account deletion.

Patrick Bernardi, manager digital transformation, DKBS, said: “With Pegasystems, we have found the optimal partner for our strategic project. The initial results are extremely promising and show that we are absolutely on the right track with our platform strategy.”

Wadim Titel, Chief Product Owner Pega Platform, DKBS, said:

“Pega has an excellent product and delivery quality. Thanks to the low-code nature of Pega, we are now able to handle the essential automation tasks ourselves. We are highly satisfied with the implementation and look forward to the next project steps.”

DKBS says Pega’s low-code functionality allows its employees to develop software with no prior programming knowledge. This way the majority of workflow automations are developed by DKBS itself.

Steve Morgan, banking industry market lead, Pegasystems, said: “In today’s environment, it is crucial for companies to direct staff’s time and effort toward high-value customer engagement.”

“Pega is proud to be delivering a solution to help DKB drive efficiency and growth. We look forward to supporting DKB through the next stage of the project and seeing the positive impact this digital transformation will have on their customers, employees, and business.”

This partnership aligns with the company’s mission to increase its customer base by 100% over the next three years with the current number of staff.



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