Dialpad Acquires Kare Knowledgeware to Elevate CX & EX 

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Customer Experience improved through deep search and data organisation 

Dialpad Acquires Kare Knowledgeware to Elevate CX & EX 

Dialpad has today announced it has acquired Kare Knowledgeware, a CX platform that optimises workflow orchestration, knowledge management, analytics and business intelligence.  

The acquisition and integration of Kare Knowledgeware into Dialpad Contact Centre broadens the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) throughout the Dialpad platform to enable conversational AI and elevate both the customer and agent experience. 

Kare Knowledgeware improves self-service functionality by organising unstructured data and automating responses to common customer inquiries, analysing and administering crucial insight from traffic to drive strategic business decisions. The application of Kare Knowledgeware technology can resolve inbound support traffic handled by Kare by up to 95% and increase online revenue by as much as 10% through self-service.  

Craig Walker, CEO, Dialpad, said: “Dialpad is thrilled to welcome Kare Knowledgeware for both its innovative technology and incredibly talented workforce. 

“Kare Knowledgeware and Dialpad have very similar DNA, with a passion to pursue the vast possibilities of AI, turn them into reality and leverage the power of AI to revolutionise the CX industry.” 

Dialpad is investing heavily in self-service functionality and conversational AI to proactively and promptly address customer questions before they escalate to the support-call level with a live agent. The Dialpad-Kare self-service solution will utilise AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to contextually bring websites and knowledge bases to life through AI-powered customer and agent real-time assistance, addressing common customer inquiries with readily-available resources. The Dialpad-Kare solution will recognise more complex issues and automatically route these interactions to live agents, as needed. The application of AI and NLP to animate a company’s knowledge bases positively impacts agent turnover by reducing inbound traffic pressure and placing valuable support data and recommendations at agents’ fingertips.  

While the live-agent interaction progresses, Dialpad-Kare will scan and mine the company’s knowledge bases to provide real-time on-screen recommendations to the agent. The seamless integration with Dialpad Contact Centre and Voice Intelligence (Vi), offering live transcriptions and a searchable archive of every call, augments and amplifies agent skill levels to make a difficult job easier and create optimal customer interactions. With Dialpad-Kare technology reducing average hold time, improving operational efficiency through self-service and upleveling agent proficiency, callers benefit from a streamlined customer experience due to increased agent availability and effectiveness.  

Tim Porter, Founder and CEO, Kare Knowledgeware, added: “The Kare Knowledgeware team is excited to join Dialpad, a fast-rising organisation dedicated to radically transforming digital customer experiences. 

“The unified communication and CX markets are ripe environments for innovation and we look forward to driving both of these industries forward as a key part of Dialpad.” 

As the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, Dialpad is a complete, modern communications platform built on a split cloud architecture for unmatched security, reliability, voice quality, and flexibility. Simple to deploy, available on any device and backed up with Vi, Dialpad improves communication between employees, customers, and business partners working from anywhere. 



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