Enghouse Quality Management Suite Review

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Enghouse Quality Management Suite Review
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Published: November 30, 2021

Rebekah Carter

To survive in today’s competitive landscape, companies need to ensure they’re delivering the best possible experience in every interaction, transaction, and conversation. For many modern business leaders, this process begins with quality management.  

A comprehensive quality management suite has a powerful impact on a company’s performance, reducing the risk of lost calls and missed conversions. Enghouse Interactive, one of the market leaders in communication technology, offers a comprehensive quality management suite just for the modern marketplace. The solution features a combination of tools, from call recording and live monitoring to desktop recording, and agent evaluation. 

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the features and benefits of the Enghouse Interactive call recording and quality management suite for contact centres. 

Enghouse Quality Management Suite Review: Features 

Created to improve the visibility and traceability of the customer journey, Enghouse Interactive’s Quality Management suite promises companies an easy way to evolve. The feature-rich multi-channel solution is suitable for companies of all sizes hoping to invest more time and effort into compliance, security, and offering excellent services.  

Fast to deploy and easy to use; the Enghouse Quality Management suite is wonderfully easy to use, with a pay-to-for-what-you-use approach to pricing. Enghouse even allows business leaders to add the features and licensing they need as their company evolves. Features of the Enghouse Interactive Quality Management suite include: 

  • Screen recording and live monitoring: Capture the call, desktop activity and more, to help supervisors identify problematic processes and coach staff in real-time. 
  • Desktop: Start, pause, and stop recordings in the desktop, and tag information to help protect crucial data.  
  • Unified interface: All modules for recording and analytics are available from the same web-based user interface for minimal training. 
  • Evaluation score cards: The evaluation module supports supervisors in scoring staff and gamifying the customer service experience 
  • Multi-language support: Select the language you want from various options, including English, French, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. 
  • Analyse recordings: Use the real-time speech analytics solution from Enghouse Interactive to monitor and assess recordings in real-time. 
  • API access: Use APIs to leverage the value of recordings with various crucial business systems, including your CRM.  

The Enghouse Interactive quality management suite is suitable for call, screen, and text-based communication recording. This is ideal in an environment where customers are exploring a variety of new ways to interact with businesses. The call, screen, and text recording features provide historical playback and real-time monitoring for all kinds of multi-channel interactions, whether they’re internal, outbound, or inbound.  

Aside from extensive recording tools, companies also get access to state-of-the-art speech to text transcription, enhanced by text analytics for a better view of business operations.  

Enghouse Quality Management Suite Review: Benefits 

A comprehensive solution for quality management, the Enghouse Interactive system integrates seamlessly with other Enghouse Interactive products, including the contact centre, communications centre, and the real-time speech analytics service.  

Used correctly, this comprehensive suite of tools can positively transform your business, helping you to document interactions, maintain compliance, and provide consistent feedback to team members. The solution can even help supervisors in a hybrid and remote working environment to offer real-time coaching and support with speech analytics to guide them. Some of the biggest benefits of the Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite include: 

  • Multi-channel recording: The ability to capture recordings across calls, screens and text is particularly important in today’s omnichannel environment. Companies can collect information from outbound, inbound, and internal conversations. There’s even the option to set up interactions for on-demand, full-time, and trigger-based recordings. For instance, you can record all conversations with a specific person identified by caller ID
  • Fully scalable: The pay-for-what-you-use structure of the Enghouse Quality Management solution makes it much easier to scale your technology to suit your evolving business. You can manage multi-site installations from a single web-based interface and add different features as your company transforms. Everything is beautifully easy to use for an extensive recording and quality management strategy without the complexity
  • Employee engagement: The Quality Management solution from Enghouse Interactive comes with a variety of ways to engage employees. There’s evaluation scoring for supervisors, and gamification elements to help keep your team excited. You can also easily assess group, individual, and company performance over time, making it easier to measure how certain aspects of the business are improving
  • Speech-to-text transcription: The intelligent speech-to-text transcription function including with Enghouse quality management automatically converts audio into searchable text. The transcription can be automated or manual, and all text files are indexed with powerful search options for convenience. This solution can even help with compliance by making it easier to find the information required from a conversation
  • Text analytics: Extensive text analytics is a fantastic extra feature from Enghouse Interactive, designed to give you an insight into the trends in your business. After transcribing your speech, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to track trends and risks in your company through the patterns which appear across multiple channels in conversations

With API access to allow integration for your CRM, and an extremely flexible environment for growing companies, it’s easy to get a deeper view into your conversational environment with help from Enghouse Interactive.  

Who Needs Enghouse Interactive Quality Management? 

For any company investing in employees with training and gamification, a quality management suite allows you to provide more consistent, constructive feedback to staff. You can even use Enghouse technology to track conversations and offer coaching to employees in real-time. 

The Enghouse Interactive Quality Management suite gives companies the tools they need to empower and engage employees even in a hybrid or remote working environment. You can also use the same technology to track and improve the performance of help desks, and desk-based sales teams. 

Enghouse Quality Management Suite Review: Verdict 

Comprehensive, yet surprisingly easy to use, the Quality Management suite from Enghouse Interactive is a powerful way to upgrade your insights into the customer journey and improve team performance. Capture interactions across multiple channels and make informed decisions on how to enhance your service strategy. 

For both compliance and CX, the Enghouse Quality Management suite is a powerful investment.  




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