Exploring the Gartner CCaaS MQ for North America 2018

North America's key players in CCaaS according to Gartner

Exploring the Gartner CCaaS MQ for North America 2018

Every year, the Gartner Magic Quadrant emerges as one of the most well-respected reports in the communication world, covering topics all the way from UC to CCaaS. Recently, Gartner revealed their Magic Quadrant choices for the top 10 players in the North American Contact Centre as a Service market.

According to Gartner, the North American CCaaS market has evolved significantly in the last year, driven by the demand for better customer experiences (CX) and more flexible technology solutions. Here are the major players for this year.

The CCaaS Leaders

Gartner defines leaders in the CCaaS sector by their strong market presence, and their impeccable range of multi-channel product and service capabilities, this year’s leaders include:

  • Genesys
  • Five9
  • NICE inContact


An application specialist based in San Ramon California, Five9 offers the Virtual Contact Centre solution with services from data centres across the US, UK, and the Netherlands. The VCC supports pre-built integrations with NetSuite, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more popular applications. Five9 reached the Leaders section this year thanks to its powerful vision and robust market presence. Gartner recommends Five9 for scalable multi-channel CCaaS.


Based in Daly City California, Genesys offers multi-instance and multi-tenant CCaaS through the PureEngage Cloud, PureConnect Cloud, and Pure Cloud. Currently, PureConnect Cloud is the strongest selling CCaaS offering from Genesys, which also offers multiple integrations with leading applications like Zendesk, SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle. Genesys appeared on the North American CCaaS leaderboard for the depth and breadth of its offerings, and it’s significant market presence.

NICE InContact

Nice inContact is an application specialist based in Salt Lake City Utah that offers the NICE inContact CXone solution for CCaaS. CXone provides a competitive option for mid-sized contact centres, and larger environments too. Along with a host of integrations and REST-based APIs, NICE InContact can also sell to companies of various sizes, which helped to support its position in the Leader space this year. Gartner recommends NICE inContact for multi-channel mid-size or larger CCaaS deployments.

CCaaS North America Gartner

Gartner CCaaS MQ for North America 2018 – click to enlarge

The CCaaS Challengers

Challengers for the North American Magic Quadrant in CCaaS also have a strong market presence but focus more on local areas than global expansion. This year’s challengers are:

  • 8×8
  • Serenova


An application specialist based in San Jose, California, 8×8 provides the 8×8 Virtual Contact Centre service, base don the vendor’s advanced multitenant software platform. In 2018, the company launched its X Series offering, which provides the VCC combined with the 8×8 UCaaS offering. 8×8 appeared in the Challengers quadrant this year for its diverse range of solutions, ability to sell to an extensive install-base of customers, and growing market presence. Gartner recommends 8×8 for multi-channel contact centre functionality in the mid-sized space.


Located in Austin, Texas, Serenova is an application specialist providing the CxEngage multitenant CCaaS platform. Serenova can support companies of all sizes through the AWS global network of data centres across multiple regions. Serenova also provides a host of in-built integrations with leading applications and offers open APIs too. Serenova appeared in the Challengers quadrant based on its ability to thrive in larger contact centre environments, and its strong market presence.

The CCaaS Visionaries

Gartner chooses Visionaries for the Magic Quadrant based on their robust selection of product and service capabilities, as well as their clear sales, business development, and marketing strategies. The latest visionaries for this year include:

  • Talkdesk
  • Cisco (BroadSoft)


Cisco (BroadSoft) in San Jose California offers a multi-tenant UCaaS and CCaaS solution for companies around the world. Cisco offers services from data centres across the US, UK, and Germany, which include pre-built integrations with Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and more. Cisco also supports REST APIs for third-party integrations. Cisco appeared in the Visionaries quadrant this year thanks to it’s unique approach to analytics-based routing, and it’s native integration with Salesforce. Cisco can support companies of all sizes, according to Gartner.


Talkdesk is an application specialist based in San Francisco California, offering a unique purpose-built multitenant platform. Talkdesk’s CCaaS solution is highly scalable, and the system supports integration with leading software providers, and software development kits or APIs. Talkdesk appeared in the Visionaries space this year based on its innovation in providing customers with unique functionality through a commitment to customer service and growing partnerships.

The CCaaS Niche Players

The Niche Players for the CCaaS Magic Quadrant have a specific focus on one area of the market. Niche players are often still developing their market offering. This year’s niche players are:

  • Aspect Software
  • TTEC
  • Evolve IP

Aspect Software

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Aspect Software is a software tech provider offering the Aspect Via Multitenant CCaaS platform, and the Aspect Hosted multi-instance service. Aspect was placed in the Niche Players section this year based on the depth and breadth of its portfolio, combined with a somewhat smaller market presence than other companies in the report.

Evolve IP

Found in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Evolve IP is an application specialist providing the Evolve Contact Suite solution delivered through its own multitenant platform, often bundled with Evolve IP’s UCaaS services. Evolve IP primarily sells to small and mid-sized companies and emerged in the Niche Players section this year based on its focus selling to a varied and broad install base. Gartner notes that Evolve IP has a limited market presence today but offers budget-friendly multichannel functionality for CCaaS.


Englewood, Colorado-based system integrator TTEC provides the Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service platform for CCaaS. This system works primarily based on the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution. The business also supports pre-built integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. TTEC appeared in the Niche Players segment this year thanks to its strong connection with Cisco and it’s limited market presence at this time.

Finishing Thoughts on the North American CCaaS Market Quadrant

Cisco (BroadSoft) was added to the CCaaS Magic Quadrant for North America this year, and TTEC now appears with its new brand, instead of TeleTech. Unfortunately, West Corporation was unable to meet with the inclusion criteria for this year’s Magic Quadrant, according to Gartner.

Compared with the Western Europe CCaaS Quadrant, we can see that there were more vendors available to consider in North America this year, with 10 contenders, rather than only 8 for Western Europe. Additionally, Genesys was the only brand to appear in both Magic Quadrants. However, while Genesys was named a “Visionary” in Western Europe, it accomplished full “Leadership” status for North America.


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