Finn AI Banking Chatbot Available on Genesys AppFoundry  

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Enhances CX through language to improve digital engagement 

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Finn AI Banking Chatbot Available on Genesys AppFoundry  

Finn AI’s conversational AI chatbot is now available as a premium Client Application on Genesys AppFoundry, the company has announced.

The banking chatbot is an AI-driven conversational assistant – built for banks and credit unions – designed to enhance CX through the use of language to improve digital engagement. Each Finn AI virtual assistant is trained in banking “out of the box” and aggregates data from all customers for a dedicated library of banking-specific inquiries and pre-defined responses. 

Jake Tyler, co-founder and CEO of Finn AI, said: “Banking-focused conversational AI is the fastest path to solving customer service problems for banks and credit unions. 

“By integrating AI with live agent hand-off, we’re giving end-customers a seamless experience as they flow between the AI chatbot and a live agent. At the same time, and just as powerful, banks can handle peak demands and changing situations, without the cost and time of adding more agents.”

Finn AI will now intergrate with Genesys Engage and the Genesys Cloud platform to enable organisations to deliver a seamless customer experience to bank customers as they move between chatbot and human support. In addition to this, the technology will be combined with Genesys Customer Experience Solutions to bring further AI-powered customer support to banks and credit unions 

The integrated solutions can help banks and credit unions save costs by using AI to automate their support offering and leverage advanced conversational banking capabilities without the need for investment in research and technical staff. 

The AppFoundry allows Genesys customers from all market segments to discover and rapidly deploy a broad range of solutions that make it easier to interact with consumers, engage employees and optimise their workforce. 

Finn AI provides an option for convenient self-service and problem resolution 24/7 as branch activity shifts to digital by acting as the front-line for the customer support team by delivering automated service and intelligent routing for most common queries and tasks. 

Banks and credit unions can rapidly introduce intelligent automation to their support team, using AI that is pre-trained on millions of real-world banking conversations and typically able to understand over 80% of queries out-of-the-box.

The technology can capture and handle the repetitive queries that monopolise agent time and free live customer support to focus on important, meaningful conversations. 



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