Five9 VoiceStream Makes the Most of Your Voice Data 

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

Five9 VoiceStream solution can now be leveraged by all Five9 ISV partners

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Five9 VoiceStream Makes the Most of Your Voice Data 

Five9 VoiceStream solution can now be leveraged by all Five9 ISV partners to build and convert customers’ data streams to solutions that can better improve CX. 

The simple phone call has gone through a revolution over the last decade or so. From the days of a simple PSTN call, phone lines are now running through laptops and collaboration platforms throughout the world and picked up through wifi, broadband and cellular connectivity. 

Through these transmission changes, data has been created for businesses to collect and analyse for the betterment of call quality and agent training in particular. 

As Scott Black, senior director for business development at Five9, points out, giving as much information to call agents as possible will improve the experience for everyone involved.  

“At the end of the day we’ve all been on a call with an agent that has been frustrating,” said Black. “It may have taken a while to get a hold of that agent, or maybe the experience with the agent is that they don’t know who you are, or why you’re calling in.  

“Providing rich data to agents during an interaction helps them better understand a customer’s pain points, why they’re calling, what their needs might be, and how to provide recommendations or“All of those things are really enabled through real-time analysis of the call audio and metadata provided to the ISV Partners by the VoiceStream API” 


Enabling this feedback is the Five9 VoiceStream solution, now generally available to all of their ISV partners. It is an innovative, open set of APIs built for the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center that allows businesses and partners to take advantage of real-time customer voice data. 

Black said that Five9 is solving a fundamental problem in the contact centre: giving agents all the information they need in real-time to carry out their job more effectively. 

“If you think about it at a very high level, VoiceStream is essentially a real-time feed of our voice data and the subsequent metadata. Historically, we’ve worked with partners who would take a call recording and do some analysis on that call – sentiment analysis, for example. But none of this was really done easily in real-time. VoiceStream enables these partners to get voice data during an interaction, as opposed to after the call, and really power their solutions in some very unique and interesting use cases. 

“The fundamental problem that we’re trying to solve is improving customer experience and the agent experience. We’re leveraging all this rich data that is in everyone’s voice and working with partners to translate that data into something actionable.” 


Making VoiceStream available to partners is a key foundation in giving customers more choice. Five9 has also allowed partners to continue to innovate by building their own solution for Five9 customers. 

The initial partners that Five9 has chosen to launch with, Cogito, Validsoft, Xsell, Medallia, and CallMiner, have leveraged the VoiceStream APIs to develop solutions that include coaching assistance, speech analytics, biometric validation and voice transcription. 

“With this secure, RESTful API we’re enabling partners to very easily go out and build integrations with the Five9 platform to solve customer problems together,” said Black. “If you look at a lot of the contact centre market, about 80 to 85 percent are still using legacy premise-based solutions, and none of them really provide an easy way to get this voice data in real-time.  

“Being a cloud-based company with an innovative way of capturing the data, we feel like this is a huge differentiator for Five9 as well as our partners. They can build integrations that will power their solutions to solve customer problems in an easy way.” 

“We plan to launch a new marketplace in the next several weeks and anticipate a lot of demand from many different partners that want to get access to this API. We’ve been enabling those partners to start building integrations so you’ll see more partners developing solutions on our platform. We plan to promote those partners’ solutions and work very closely with them through the marketplace toward our common goal of helping businesses reimagine CX.” 



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