Five9 vs Genesys: Battle of the Contact Centres

Which is Better: Five9 or Genesys?

Five9 vs Genesys: Battle of the Contact Centres
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Published: October 5, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Flexible, scalable, and ready for anything, a contact centre in the cloud is a valuable investment for any business these days. More than ever before, companies are shifting into the world of CCaaS, in search of a customer service solution adaptable enough to suit any environment.  

As every company searches for new ways to boost customer experience, the CCaaS environment continues to evolve, with exciting new technology appearing all the time. Two of the top companies leading the way in this landscape are Five9 and Genesys.  

If you’re looking for a sensational CCaaS environment built for improving your conversations with customers on a significant scale, you’re in the right place. Here’s what you need to know to make the choice between Genesys and Five9.  

Five9 Contact Centre: Features 

The intelligent cloud contact centre from Five9 promises companies a new way to reimagine customer experiences in an immersive and scalable cloud environment. The cloud contact centre empowers agents in any environment to have more valuable conversations with customers. More than just an all-in-one environment for contact centres, the solution also includes workforce optimisation too.  

With a host of features to explore, from intelligent virtual agents to artificial intelligence tools offering insights into customer sentiment and trends, Five9’s cloud contact centre can instantly transform your CX strategy. Features include: 

  • Global voice and digital engagement for a full omnichannel experience 
  • Customer relationship management integrations and SDKs 
  • Comprehensive customer journey tracking and insights 
  • Agent desktop with customisable environments for better employee experience 
  • AI agent assist to help streamline the path to resolution 
  • Reporting and analytics with custom KPIs and metrics 
  • APIs and SDKs built for flexibility in any space 
  • Workforce optimization and workflow automation  
  • Supervisor tools to monitor and improve agent performance anywhere 
  • Engagement workflow with self-service, routing, and agent guidance 
  • Real-time data and custom dashboards 
  • Five9 artificial intelligence with sentiment and trend analysis 
  • Workforce optimization with performance and quality management 

Five9’s all-in-one cloud contact centre helps companies to reimagine their approach to customer experience and achieve incredible business results. The intelligent cloud contact centre ensures companies can engage their customers on the channels they prefer, while accessing useful features like AI insights and automation.  

Genesys Cloud CX Features 

The comprehensive Cloud CX environment is the best-known offering from Genesys for CCaaS, bringing digital and phone channels together for an omnichannel experience. The Cloud CX environment comes with everything companies need to build more personalized and memorable experiences for customers, including integrations to leading CRM tools.  

Companies can tap into immersive analytics to develop a better understanding of the customer journey and generate brand loyalty. There’s also access to self-service solutions where customers can get quick answers to their problems through branded portals. Features include: 

  • AI solutions for chatbots and virtual assistants, powering self-service 
  • Access to AI insights and assistants for agents, to improve performance 
  • Customized chat experiences combined across multiple platforms for context 
  • Immersive predictive analytics technology with task suggestions 
  • CRM integrations and connections to other leading tools for insights 
  • Connectivity to a range of channels like Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger 
  • Co-browsing to help agents get a better insight into customer issues 
  • Inbound contact centre routing with intelligent skill-based strategies 
  • Screen pops and notifications for agents to provide them with useful client information 
  • Outbound contact centre with predictive and progressive dialling 
  • Automated customer call back, SMS notifications and push notifications 
  • Workforce management with built-in forecasting and scheduling tools to keep you ahead of demand 
  • Extensive training systems and interaction analysis 
  • Supervisor tools with monitoring and barge-in functionality 
  • Insights both into real-time metrics and historical performance in the contact centre 

With everything from proactive machine learning to help you better understand your customer journey, to extensive workforce management tools, Genesys has everything you need to build a more productive contact centre. The Cloud CX solution from Genesys enables everything from digital conversations through channels like Facebook and WeChat, to self-service solutions. 

Genesys or Five9: Which Is Best? 

Both Genesys and Five9 offer flexible cloud-based contact centres for the modern landscape. In each of these tools, companies can access cutting-edge features to improve customer satisfaction and employee performance. There’s access to things like AI analytics and predictive insights so you can get a better understanding of your customer. You’ll also have access to extensive integrations with different digital channels, to help you reach customers on any platform.  

The Genesys and Five9 contact centres also come with access to workforce management tools, where you can access things like scheduling and forecasting, long-term planning, and quality management. However, Genesys offers a handful of additional training solutions, too, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workforce.  

Genesys offers a fantastic range of digital channels to choose from and integrations with a wide range of CRM, HR, and WFM tools. You’ll also get the added benefit of a comprehensive inbound and outbound contact centre, built to suit your customers in any environment.  

Five9 makes it easier to automate and enhance your current contact centre, with features like intelligent virtual assistants, and agent assist, to support even hybrid and remote teams. You also get the added benefits of unique tools like visual IVR technology and workflow automation. 

Choosing Your Contact Centre 

Both Genesys and Five9 offer highly modern and effective contact centre environments built for the future of customer experience. Regardless of which tool you choose, you’ll have access to intelligence, workforce management services, and robust analytics. However, Genesys does seem to have more options available for outbound contact centre campaigns, while Five9 is more attuned to building automated and enhanced workflows in the inbound contact centre environment.  

Five9 and Genesys can both adapt to suit a wide variety of companies in any environment, with high-quality security, stability, and uptime guaranteed for every business. If you’re looking for a reliable solution for connecting with customers anywhere, it’s hard to go wrong with the powerful range of features available from both Genesys and Five9.  



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