Gen Z and Millennials Drive CX Into the Future

Rebekah Carter

Younger generations are driving a Digital-first future for CX

Gen Z and Millennials Drive CX Into the Future

NICE inContact, a market leader in innovative communication tools, recently announced the findings from its global research study into Generation Z and millennials. The 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience Transformation benchmark highlights the importance of understanding the expectations that younger generations have when it comes to using next-generation solutions like artificial intelligence and new digital channels for communication.

NICE inContact 8According to NICE, almost 60% of Generation Z and Millennials have used private social messaging tools for customer service. Alternatively, 38% of Gen X and 16% of the Silent Generation, as well as 19% of Baby Boomers have used this tech. Gen Z and Millennials also want companies to allow for interactions with customer service using private apps for social messaging.

Younger Generations are Changing the Landscape

NICE InContact’s latest study also found that consumers are using more artificial intelligence and feeling more comfortable about chatbots lately. Around half of all consumers have now used AI, compared to only 45% in 2018. Part of this changing trend can be attributed to an increase in the automated assistants and chatbots in the online world. Additionally, millennials and Gen Z believe that chatbots often make it easier to have their issues resolved online.

NICE also found that half of all customers who start their service conversations with AI are transferred to a live agent. While chatbot usage and performance statistics are improving, customers still want to be informed if they’re using a chatbot, and 91% of people say they’d prefer a live agent. However, only 83% of Gen Z and 86% of Millennials say they prefer live agents, compared to 96% of baby boomers.

Crucially, the latest study from NICE also discovered that digital-first and seamless omni-channel experiences are essential to positive customer service. 93% of customers want seamless omni-channel experiences, yet 73% of customers give companies a poor rating for their ability to allow for switching between channels.

Understanding the Needs of Modern Customers

Paul Jarman

Paul Jarman

According to the CEO of NICE InContact, Paul Jarman, understanding the nuances of what consumers expect and how they can engage with brands through digital channels is crucial in today’s competitive world. The CX Benchmark from Nice inContact looks at the demographic trends in customer service to see what kind of new expectations the latest generation have of companies.

Millennials and Generation Z are an insight into the fact that the customer service landscape is changing and moving towards a more digital future. Findings of the NICE InContact study highlight that as consumer preferences evolve, businesses need to think more carefully about the current channels that they have in place to serve their clients. To survive today and tomorrow, modern businesses will need to expand and improve the ways that customers can reach them.


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