Genesys Ditches Its Multicloud CX Platform

The vendor has whittled three CCaaS solutions down to one this year

Genesys Ditches Its Multicloud CX Platform
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Published: October 13, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Genesys has culled its Multicloud CX platform, its second CCaaS solution to bite the dust in 2022.

The solution enabled customers to access Genesys through AWS, Azure, and Google public clouds, alongside private environments.

Its exit from the Genesys portfolio follows the removal of PureConnect, its single-tenant CCaaS solution.

As a result, Genesys Cloud CX – a public-cloud application built entirely on AWS – is its last CCaaS solution standing.

However, the vendor promises to support all Genesys Multicloud CX customers until the end of their contracts.

Thereafter, Tony Bates, Chairman and CEO of Genesys, hopes to persuade Multicloud CX customers to switch to its public cloud offering. In a blog post, he writes:

We’ve already begun conversations with our Genesys Multicloud CX platform users on the best available path to migrate to Genesys Cloud CX.

While its competitors may sense an opportunity, reports suggest that less than two percent of the company’s current customers will be affected.

Why Is Genesys Ditching Its Multicloud CX Platform?

In waving goodbye to Multicloud CX, Genesys bids to align the company behind a single platform.

The vendor also demystifies its offerings by doing so, as it proved easy to confuse the many names Genesys had given its cloud products.

Moreover, competitors could previously sow seeds of doubt into prospects’ minds, suggesting that Genesys Cloud CX perhaps misses some of the functionalities of Multicloud CX and vice versa.

The vendor instead wishes to present Genesys Cloud CX as the feature-rich, integration-full, and scalable solution used by large enterprises across the globe.

In addition, the move allows Genesys to focus all its innovation efforts on a single platform. As Bates stated:

Going forward, we’re making a strategic pivot as a company and focusing all of our innovation, investment, and resources on accelerating the market leadership of Genesys Cloud CX.

NICE and Talkdesk – Genesys’s fellow market leaders, according to the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS – also go to market with a single offering. As does Five9, another vendor making significant headway in the space.

Genesys On-Premise Customers Are Safe

While Genesys now only offers one CCaaS platform, Genesys Engage – its on-premise contact center solution – will remain unaffected by the announcement.

Indeed, the vendor will continue to serve its on-premise customers until they are ready to migrate.

The move may even speed up this process, as Genesys can move forward with a clearer cloud proposition that encourages more customers to take the plunge.

However, for those based in China, the deal will likely have the opposite impact, as conventional public-cloud deployments are impossible.

Indeed, China does not allow foreign cloud service providers to establish their own data centers within the country, so Genesys cannot run its typical deployments.

Yet, across most regions, the move to an “all in one Genesys Cloud CX” will likely boost its cloud business, as will its new Cloud AI Experience package.



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