How Avaya Can Help You Expand Your Customer Experience Into the Metaverse

The vendor shows how businesses can add another dimension to the customer journey with conceptual Metaverse tools for the Avaya Experience Platform

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How Avaya Can Help You Expand Your Customer Experience Into the Metaverse
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Published: December 19, 2022

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

Cloud communications solutions and multi-cloud application ecosystem provider Avaya has demonstrated a new way for its customers to extend their customer contact centre capabilities with immersive VR (virtual reality) technology.

Avaya showcased its Metaverse Experience concept at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Barcelona, which took place in early November.

The showcase highlighted how Avaya clients could use an immersive Metaverse space to reimagine the buyer’s journey, enabling agents to communicate with customers via realistic avatars — including accessing bespoke VR offices, showrooms, and experiences to boost productivity, collaboration, and customer engagement.

Many forward-thinking companies and government agencies are considering how the emerging Metaverse can enable innovative new opportunities and business models. This showcase expands this discussion to include leveraging integrated Metaverse technology like persistent, decentralized, and interoperable content to improve CX operations.

More on Avaya’s Metaverse Concept

As the potential for Metaverse CX is still unknown, Avaya’s focus is to reduce the risk and cost associated with testing the true potential of this new uncharted opportunity. The Avaya Experience Platform™ is designed to deliver “Innovation without Disruption”, which dramatically increases the accessibility of CX innovation like the Metaverse to businesses.

We’ve developed cloud services that can be deployed on top of existing systems, enabling a hybrid environment that allows you to do more with what you have — innovation without requiring a platform change.

Speaking to UC Today at GITEX 2022, Zeus Kerravala, the Founder & Principal Analyst at ZK Research, added:

“For Avaya, bringing the metaverse into its contact centre wasn’t a complicated process — the company just sees it as another channel because the Avaya Experience Platform is fully cloud-native and designed to be open.

“Avaya customers can experiment with the metaverse and add contact centre capabilities without having to bring in a new platform or go through a major upgrade.”

Moreover, Yaser Alzubaidi, the Vice President of the Specialists Organisation, Avaya International, noted how the Metaverse concept showcases the power of the Avaya Experience Platform — demonstrating how new agent and customer experiences can be easily delivered with the Avaya platform.

Alzubaidi also said:

“But they also need a migration path to rolling out these capabilities that does not involve the disruptive ripping and replacing of existing technology.”

Avaya Prepares End-Users for the Emerging Metaverse Economy

Alzubaidi also outlined how businesses are competing to participate and find a place in an emerging Metaverse economy or M-commerce. Avaya is working with its customers such as the United Arab Emirates’ government to understand the emerging Metaverse use cases.  This video provides more information:

The Avaya Experience Platform enables companies to more easily experiment with new innovations like the Metaverse by reducing the associated cost and risk.

To delve deeper into the Avaya Experience Platform, visit Avaya.



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