How do Contact Centres Use AI? Genesys Research Reveals All

Discover the most widespread uses of contact centre AI

How do Contact Centres Use AI? Genesys Research Reveals All
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Published: October 17, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Genesys has published research exploring the use of AI in CX strategies.

The global report, created in collaboration with Economist Impact, surveyed senior customer service, sales, and marketing executives worldwide to explore how AI can enhance customer journeys and improve employee productivity.

The “AI Comes of Age” report looks at not just the benefits AI can offer to the current customer and employee experience, but also the strategies teams are using to deploy this technology.

Leveraging AI Advantages within the Contact Centre

According to Genesys, many companies have already started investing in AI opportunities for a host of reasons. The three main reasons given for leveraging intelligence include improving the quality and consistency of customer experience (45 percent), increasing loyalty (43 percent), and building differentiation (32 percent). When asked where they started, or are planning to start using AI, many companies mentioned marketing automation as a primary focus.

Many companies leverage AI to deliver product recommendations and ads to specific customers, with 16 percent of the respondents in the study saying AI-based marketing automation was their first experience of AI in the CX space. 39 percent of respondents also said they’re currently using AI for this purpose.

However, Genesys also notes AI is rapidly making its way into other areas of the CX environment too. 80 percent of respondents said they’re using or planning on using AI performance insights to enhance customer experience. A further 78 percent said they’ll be using intelligence for post-interaction analysis and quality assurance purposes.

The decision to leverage AI for performance insights makes sense for the CX space, as this area is expected to provide the highest level of organisational value, according to respondents.

When asked which additional investments may have the biggest impact on their company, survey participants also mentioned predictive analytics and digital engagement tools (30 percent), alongside marketing automation (28 percent).

Interesting Insights from the Genesys Study

Genesys found the availability of straightforward and easy-to-implement AI tools is already paying off for many respondents.

Overall, the areas where respondents saw the most improvements from their use of AI were improved customer satisfaction (68 percent), increased customer lifetime value (63%), and higher revenue (62 percent).

The research also found the leaps in return on investment were greater for companies considered to be leaders in AI deployment. Other interesting findings from the study included:

  • 62 percent of companies noted an increase in employee satisfaction as a result of deploying AI tools for CX enhancements.
  • 62 percent of respondents also said AI helped to reduce customer effort. The report also found these tools could improve lead quality (58 percent), reduce cost to serve (59 percent), and increase ROI (59 percent).
  • Interaction routing and segmentation were among the top AI tools companies are planning to use in the year ahead (40 percent), followed by sentiment analysis (39 percent), conversational chatbots, and voicebots (37 percent).

Conducting this research provided Genesys with a behind-the-scenes view of how AI solutions are paying off for today’s CX leaders and innovators.

The report is based on survey respondents from over 750 senior marketing, customer service, and sales executives across the globe.


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