8 Insightful Manufacturing CX Case Studies to Read in 2022

Insights into successful CX solutions in manufacturing

8 Insightful Manufacturing CX Case Studies to Read in 2022
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Published: April 27, 2022

Rebekah Carter

It’s no secret that excellent customer service is the key to running a successful company. 93% of consumers say they’re likely to make repeat purchases from companies offering exceptional service experiences, and many manufacturers rely on consumers like these to stay afloat.

Just like in any other industry, companies in the manufacturing landscape need to be able to offer customers a simple, effective, and streamlined experience. This often means investing in new tools and technologies to help with better understanding customer needs and catering to those requirements. From CCaaS solutions to CRM tools, the right CX technology can make or break your manufacturing brand in 2022.

If you’re looking for insights into just how significant the right CX investments can be, the following case studies can offer a fantastic view into the power of experience.

Mitel and Antalis

A leading European wholesaler and global supplier of fine packaging materials, Antalis operates across 43 countries worldwide, with more than 5,500 employees. In the past, the employees in different countries worked on separate IT systems, creating different “data hubs” of information about clients and consumers. This led to a highly disjointed approach to service.

To deliver a better quality of service, Antalis turned to Mitel for a flexible, smart, and convenient contact centre capable of integrating with the company’s existing CRM system and telephony applications. The new ecosystem is both employee experience friendly and ideal for creating a more consistent, personalized experience for end-users. Read the full case study here.

Twilio and CPG Europe

Best-known for its flexible range of innovative technology solutions, Twilio helps companies embed the CX systems they need into their existing tools. CPG Europe, a leading manufacturing brand, turned to Twilio to help bridge the gap between remote employees and customers while enhancing their telephony systems.

In this case study, Twilio explains how it worked with the CPG Europe organization to help them create an all-in-one environment for maintaining customer relationships, even when the business was under additional strain due to the pandemic. The innovative remote contact centre solution allowed CPG Europe to bring customers and agents together like never before.

Freshsales and Evans Manufacturing

Evans Manufacturing, a company committed to creating branded goodies for companies looking to build brand equity and recognition, wanted a way to build better relationships with clients, particularly during the stressful period of the pandemic. To achieve this goal, the company decided to work with Freshworks and the Freshsales environment to combine CRM insights with a host of valuable sales tools for the manufacturing team.

Working with Freshworks allowed Evans Manufacturing to embrace new selling methods while improving its customer interactions across multiple channels. As this case study shows, the Evans brand achieved a remarkable 23% increase in revenue by implementing their new technology.

HubSpot and Bell Performance

As a manufacturing company with 100 years of history, Bell Performance is no stranger to the challenges of changing times. Over the years, the company has found itself catering to a greater demand for more personalized sales and marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. HubSpot’s comprehensive marketing hub offered an excellent way for the company to engage customers while maintaining insights into client data.

The free CRM offered by HubSpot, combined with a range of inbound marketing tools to build better client relationships, helps Bell Performance modernise its approach to end-to-end CX for the new generation. Check out the full case study here.

Salesforce and Kone

Kone, a company known for creating elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, produces products to serve more than 1 billion people every day. For the past 11 years, Salesforce has partnered with Kone through the Salesforce Cloud Services Advisors landscape, helping them understand the customer journey with state-of-the-art CRM tools.

The company recently upgraded its sales and marketing strategy by investing more into its cloud-based collaboration with the Salesforce group. The cloud landscape made it easier for Kone to collect information from all points in the customer journey, create visibility into the sales processes, and even set up automation for success.

Zoho and Rain for Rent

Responsible for manufacturing liquid handling solutions like tanks and pumps, Rain for Rent is a family-owned company with a long heritage of delivering products worldwide. Though the company previously relied on alternative solutions for CRM insights, they found their existing software required a lot of customization, which led to low adoption rates among team members.

With Zoho, Rain for Rent created a more comprehensive CRM environment with minimal need for customization and personalized enhancements. The Zoho One solution allowed the company to maintain a strong focus on customer service while reducing training times for teams. See the full case study information here.

Talkdesk and Canon

One of the better-known companies in the camera technology space, Canon, was founded in 1937 in Japan. Since then, the brand has become a world leader in both consumer and business imaging solutions. As the company grew in recent years, it discovered it needed a more comprehensive view of its sales force activity and insights into how customers perceived the brand. Working with Talkdesk allowed Canon to achieve these goals.

By implementing an end-to-end Talkdesk contact centre solution and enabling integration with Salesforce, Canon could improve business insights and create time-saving automations for teams.

Avaya and Jindal SAW

A leading manufacturer and supplier of steel and iron pipe products with manufacturing facilities worldwide, Jindal SAW has a strong focus on delivering exceptional customer experience with a personalized approach to service. However, the brand struggled to continue delivering the fantastic solutions their customers expected during the pandemic.

Avaya worked closely with the Jindal team to understand the existing infrastructure and deliver a comprehensive solution through Avaya OneCloud. The introduction of the new technology allowed Jindal to achieve better levels of mobility and flexibility, with enhanced collaboration leading to improved customer experience.



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