Medallia Digital Suite Launch Teams Feedback with Big Data  

Solution to help customers improve digital experiences to drive conversion  

Medallia Digital Suite Launch Teams Feedback with Big Data  
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Last Edited: November 3, 2021

Carly Read

Medallia has launched Medallia Digital Suite to combine actionable user feedback metrics with complete behavioural data, helping organisations optimise digital experiences in real time.  

Medallia is the first to deliver a complete view of digital behaviour and feedback in a single platform. 

Medallia Chief Product Officer Sarika Khanna said: “The Medallia Digital Suite delivers complete visibility into digital experiences. 

“The ability to identify, quantify, and respond to customer issues with websites or mobile applications as a customer is using them is potentially game-changing and critical to preventing lost revenue, creating better experiences, and increasing share of wallet.” 

With the Medallia Digital Suite, businesses can: 

  • Identify digital issues and quantify their revenue impact: Medallia provides real-time visibility into where experiences break down, insights into how much revenue issues may be costing, and direct customer feedback and suggestions about how to improve
  • Help customer service teams prevent lost revenue and lower overall costs: Customer service teams can proactively detect a customer struggling with a website or application, connect them with assistance, and help keep that customer in their preferred channels, reducing lost revenue and overall customer support costs
  • Optimise mobile app experiences: Mobile app developers get the same powerful toolset to tap into user feedback and behaviour, with mobile app specific capabilities such as scroll heatmaps, error tracking, and app store review management built in 
  • Make it easy for employees to provide feedback: Employee experience owners like HR & IT can leverage new browser feedback extension capabilities to tap into employee sentiment directly within the business applications employees live in day-to-day 
  • Smooth complex, multi-channel journeys: Customer Experience teams have easy visibility into the digital signals they need to help make customers feel known, no matter where they are interacting with the brand
  • Deploy AI and machine learning (ML) technology to better understand customer buying behaviour: With AL and ML, teams can analyse the totality of experience data to find insights into why customers buy, and why they don’t 

Proven AI models help organisations quickly get to the heart of digital issues by distilling over 60 observed digital behaviours and tying them to critical business outcomes like revenue impact. This information helps organisations measure and optimise all of their digital experiences, including creating frictionless website transactions, high-adoption mobile applications, and digital tools that keep employees productive and engaged. 

The Suite helps businesses increase customer loyalty, engagement, and revenue by capturing online signals and behavioural data to understand, react to, and take real-time actions to improve customer experiences online and in mobile apps. 



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