Most Innovative CX Automation Vendors to Watch in 2022

Rebekah Carter

Innovators in the CX Landscape to Watch in 2022

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Most Innovative CX Automation Vendors to Watch in 2022

Post-pandemic, customer expectations are higher than ever. In a world where consumers are constantly plagued with uncertainty, financial issues, and other concerns, they demand companies they can trust to deliver efficient, personalised experiences.

Fortunately for today’s business leaders, there are several innovative tools and solutions out there which can help your company and employees keep up with client expectations. From self-service solutions which ensure people can solve their own issues at speed, to automated workflows to boost team productivity, there are countless options available.

Because automation tools and AI are so effective at improving productivity in the workforce and supporting excellent interactions, many CX vendors have begun to invest more of their R&D budgets in this area. However, some companies are making a bigger impact than others.

Here are some of the most innovative CX vendors to watch today, with a focus on tools for automation, AI, and productivity.

1. Dialpad

A market leader in CCaaS solutions and customer care, Dialpad has been introducing powerful features for modern CX strategies for several years. Dialpad’s robust portfolio of forward-thinking products encompass everything from BYOD technology, to automated call routing, and call center productivity tools. You can automatically distribute CSAT surveys to customers, connect multiple channels in an omnichannel environment into a single inbox for agents, and even record call history.

Recently, Dialpad also purchased the Kare Knowledgeware company, to leverage new technology for the automation and productivity landscape. The acquisition will allow Dialpad to implement automated engagement tools, self-service, and even automated agents into its contact centre experience. This is definitely a company to watch for the future of CX.

2. Simpplr

Simpplr is a company redefining the way we look at intranet software in a modern landscape. Designed to enhance the way employees communicate in a distributed environment, this technology could help modern brands to more easily unify their hybrid workers. The Forrester recognised leader in Intranet platforms can do everything from replicating the watercooler environment to creating a virtual environment for sourcing crucial information.

With automated connections with best-in-class cloud apps, access to leading reporting tools, and state-of-the-art mobility features, Simpplr is a valuable tool for companies hoping to upgrade team productivity in the age of flexible work. Part of making sure your employees can continue to thrive as the workplace evolves is making sure they can stay on the same page. Simpplr gives companies this all-important synergy, with automation built-in.

3. Mavenoid

Support desk environments are perfectly suited to benefit from the values of automation and artificial intelligence. Mavenoid is one of the market leaders showing companies how well their teams can thrive with access to self-service, automated troubleshooting and more. Built for hardware companies, this solution helps business users to solve common problems quickly no matter where they are.

Mavenoid’s most innovative solution for those interested in automation is the AI-guided self-service offering. This technology means users can conveniently troubleshoot complex problems, get expert advice, and even get answers to their questions without having to reach out to your human employees. If you’ve ever considered building a comprehensive self-service solution for your CX strategy, Mavenoid could be the perfect way to get started.

4. Talkdesk

A true innovator in contact centre technology, Talkdesk is an ever-evolving ecosystem of valuable tools for today’s CX landscape. The Talkdesk environment is designed to offer the perfect combination of simplicity and innovation to modern teams, so they can create more consistent world-class experiences. To achieve this goal, Talkdesk frequently invests in new innovations, from access to AI and sentiment analysis to custom automation.

Automation tools within the Talkdesk environment allow companies to control everything from intelligent routing practices, to notifications, and context pop-ups. You can even design and integrate your own automation workflows, with the “Automation Tools” environment. This ensures anyone can build fantastic workflows within the contact centre environment their team members use every day.

5. Gamma

Gamma is yet another CCaaS innovator constantly looking for new ways to enhance customer experiences, without compromising on simplicity for agents and users. The cloud contact centre environment from Gamma makes it easy for companies to build comprehensive omnichannel landscapes for interacting with customers. You can access everything from automated callbacks to language translation and AI insights In this ecosystem.

Not only does Gamma automatically align conversations from a range of channels for your contact centre agents, but it also comes with a host of additional forward-thinking tools, like conversational AI via Cirrus AI, which can support your employees and your customers like never before. This AI is capable of holding thousands of simultaneous conversations while collecting useful information. Your system can even learn over time.

6. Verint

A leader in conversational AI, Verint allows companies from all backgrounds to orchestrate and build journeys with connected experiences, using automation and AI. The Verint open platform is as flexible as your company needs it to be, while still giving you amazing insights into the critical conversations you have with customers. Verint even has its own dedicated ecosystem for Robotic Process Automation in the workforce.

Through Verint Workforce Engagement solutions, business leaders can build entire digital workflows for their teams, increasing employee performance and minimizing time-consuming tasks. You can even use Verint technology to improve processing consistency and enhance regulatory compliance, with help from Verint Process Assistant.

7. Cognigy

As automation and AI in the CX environment continue to thrive, companies are increasingly looking for ways to empower their teams to take advantage of new technologies. Cognigy, a leader in the IDC Marketscape for conversational AI platforms, allows companies to develop low-code solutions for conversational AI, to enhance their CX strategies.

The Cognigy ecosystem can adapt to suit your needs, allowing companies to create all kinds of automated phone conversations and digital interactions. What’s more, the technology comes with access to an extensive AI environment for analytics, so you can gather useful feedback from every interaction – even the automated ones.


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