Moveworks Debuts Multilingual Conversational AI Platform

William Smith

The new multilingual feature means employees can use the language of their choice to engage with Moveworks’ offering

Moveworks Debuts Multilingual Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI platform Moveworks has announced new multilingual support capabilities in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, or Portuguese. 

The company’s automation offering is designed to resolve employee issues in areas such as IT, HR and finance via conversational AI, to help them quickly reach resources. 

The new multilingual feature means employees can use the language of their choice to engage with Moveworks’ offering. It means companies can implement multilingual support without extensive training or scripting. 

“Artificial intelligence is the only way to give immediate support to every employee — wherever they live and whatever language they speak,” said Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah.

“We’ve spent years developing the deepest understanding of what people need at work, based on hundreds of machine learning models that are trained on more than 250 million requests. Extending our technology to these new languages and platforms means our customers can empower everyone, equally, to make an impact.” 

The update required an evolution of the machine learning models supporting its platform, using natural language understanding and cross-lingual information retrieval to find and rank potential answers. 

The company also announced a new Moveworks for Web interface, allowing its conversational AI to be embedded in enterprise portals such as ServiceNow, SharePoint, and Epic. 

“Moveworks offers the ability to go anywhere for help — email, Slack, our ServiceNow portal — and still end up in the bot’s hands as the first line of support,” said Steve Januario, Vice President of Digital Employee Experience at Palo Alto Networks, a Moveworks customer. “It’s letting us get the fastest response, right up front.” 

Earlier this year the company announced enhancements to its offering, including a self-learning conversational AI technique to generate employee responses. 

“Employees expect to get help right away,” said Moveworks CTO Vaibhav Nivargi, at the time. “But in the context of a dynamic enterprise, identifying the forms, knowledge articles, and workflows they need is a profoundly difficult problem for machine learning. Moveworks is the first platform engineered to solve that problem. Between our new integrations, our robust security controls, and our unscripted approach to conversation, we’ve automated support for the world’s largest companies.” 



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