NICE AIR and Engage Platform for Omni-Channel Recording

The omni-channel solution to conversation recording

NICE AIR and Engage Platform for Omni-Channel Recording
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Last Edited: October 14, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Every conversation with your customer is an opportunity to improve your business operations. The data collected through discussions on the phone, over chat, and through SMS powers actionable opportunities for better customer satisfaction.  

The challenge for many of today’s business leaders, is figuring out how to assess conversations from multiple different channels in the customer journey accurately. Nice AIR and Engage platform could be the ultimate solution. Ready to integrate with all major vendors of contract centre infrastructure, NICE Engage, and AIR can help businesses collect more value from every CX avenue.  

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what Nice AIR and Engage can do. 

NICE AIR and Engage Platform Review: Features 

In a world where thousands of interactions are happening on multiple channels for businesses and customers each day, NICE Engage, and AIR combine the features companies need to surface true value from every discussion.  

NICE Engage and AIR (Advanced Interaction Recorder) offer a recording solution for the NICE contact centre environment. The combined functionality allows businesses to record interactions on any channel for intelligent quality management, compliance, business insights, and authentication. According to NICE, this aligned solution is the answer to the cost and efficiency challenges facing the modern contact centre.  

Customers of NICE AIR and Engage benefit from the NICE comprehensive portfolio of contact-centre solutions, where they can find additional tools for quality management and analytics too. The features of NICE Engage and AIR include: 

  • A single solution for management and retrieval 
  • Third-party and business app integrations with Connect API 
  • Business continuity: A multi data centre solution for peace of mind. Real-time solutions for low-latency streaming and recording 
  • Future-proof contact centre integrations 
  • Unrivalled scalability of up to 5,000 channels per server 
  • Advanced compliance with certification from HIPAA and PCI DSS 
  • End to end encryption, pause and resume automation, and flexible retention management 
  • Omni-channel support across video, voice, mail, chat, and social media 

NICE AIR and Engage Platform Review: Benefits 

Engage and AIR from NICE provide businesses with a secure, scalable, and robust platform for recording and managing interaction data from multiple channels in one space. The flexible and comprehensive call recording solution can have a significant impact on all parts of the modern business. IT teams get the advantage of being able to monitor all channels in one place, while compliance teams can ensure policies are followed on every channel.  

Thanks to NICE’s approach to flexible deployment and customisation, companies can also easily adapt their Engage and AIR solution to suit their operational needs. You’ll have support for thousands of streams in one platform, as well as capturing, forwarding streams in real-time, archiving and recording. Benefits of NICE AIR and Engage include: 

  • Omnichannel insights: IT teams and business leaders can examine recordings from multiple channels at the same time. With omnichannel recording, it’s easier to get a complete view of the customer journey from start to finish. The result is a more coherent experience for customers in search of consistency. Every customer gets the same experience, and companies can look at all channels at once to gain better business insights
  • Improved compliance: Being able to track interactions across all channels also improves compliance. Companies can access real-time compliance issue alerts over mobile with NICE tools like the NICE watch. The NICE environment is also Trustwave certified for HIPAA and PCI DSS 2. Comprehensive compliance means you can meet the demands of regulators and standards bodies, to keep your organization and customers safe
  • Excellent scalability: NICE promises a linear experience for scalability supporting thousands of channels from any type per interaction recorder. An aligned environment is also excellent for management. You can be ready for any channel, now and in the future, calibrate employee evaluations for all channels at once, and apply coherent strategies for compliance, performance, quality, and analytics on every channel
  • Business continuity: NICE AIR and Engage promise exceptional high availability and ultra-fast disaster recovery, so you never have to worry about missing out on important interaction with a crucial customer or client. The solution reduces TCO by up to 50%, while giving you high dependability through a multi-data centre solution with various failure recovery components
  • Excellent speed: NICE’s AIR and Engage solution provides fantastic real-time streaming latency of less than one second. This means you can quickly and effectively access recording and analysis solutions for things like fraud prevention, interaction analytics, and real-time authentication in security-focused business environments

To make unlocking the benefits of NICE Air and Engage Platform as easy as possible, the company also promises easy upgrades, with speedy configurations which don’t require legacy database migration. The playback portal offers a comprehensive access point for recordings from any channel. 

Who needs NICE AIR and Engage? 

Designed to offer a better-together performance, the NICE AIR and Engage solution integrates with all major contact centre infrastructure vendors, supports real-time application deployment and ensures amazing scalability. With a sensational TOTAL Cost of Ownership and endless opportunities to improve customer experience, anyone can benefit from AIR and Engage from the NICE team. 

You’ll find this technology particularly useful if you’re already invested in the NICE environment, as the AIR and Engage Platform offering integrates perfectly with a host of additional services for advanced analytics and quality management too.  

NICE Air and Engage Review: Verdict 

NICE Engage and AIR offers an omnichannel environment where companies can track important information, analyse discussions and maintain compliance in an evolving communication ecosystem. Unrivalled scalability and a low Total Cost of Ownership ensures business leaders can access a future-proof and highly flexible solution for business transformation. You can even implement your own integrations with the Connect API environment.  



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