NICE Enlighten XO Review: Digital Customer Experience 

Transform customer self-service experiences

NICE Enlighten XO Review Digital Customer Experience 
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Published: October 27, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Customers are expecting more from their service interactions with companies. Today, if you’re going to convince your client to stick with your brand, you need to provide personalised support delivered quickly across a range of channels. For many customers, an amazing customer experience is also defined by an ability to solve problems without the help of an agent.  

NICE, one of the market leaders in communication and customer experience solutions, introduced the Enlighten XO solution to enable enhanced self-service experiences for today’s clients. Not only does XO provide amazing self-service experiences, but it also automatically generates insights from human conversations to make each interaction better than the last.  

Let’s take a closer look at what smarter self-service experiences from NICE Enlighten XO can do for your business.  

NICE Enlighten XO Review: Features 

Sleek, intelligent, and designed for the new age of customer experience, Enlighten XO is the answer to smarter self-service and better customer journeys. This powerful technology helps to improve customer experience and boost engagement through more meaningful interactions between customers and bots. With intelligent self-service from NICE, companies can resolve complex issues quickly, satisfy more customers, and improve brand reputation. 

Thanks to AI analytics, the NICE Enlighten XO solution can learn from interactions with customers and optimise itself over time. Your self-service investment consistently gets better the more your clients use it. At the same time, those analytics collected by the solution provide insights into the customer journey, so companies can make better decisions. Features include: 

  • Purpose-built AI models for identifying interaction intent 
  • Enlighten AI models and conversational flows 
  • Insights and training opportunities via collected data 
  • Constantly improving AI self-service experience  
  • Easy-to-install technology for businesses of all sizes 
  • Reports and analytics for tracking customer journey factors 

Enlighten XO improves self-service resolution rates, as customers search for faster, less human-focused solutions to their problems. With NICE Enlighten XO, businesses can automate their responses to complex customer needs, without risking customer experience. The intelligent self-service solution even teaches itself through discussions with customers, so it can solve more complex problems in the future.  

NICE Enlighten XO Review: Benefits 

NICE Enlighten XO isn’t your basic self-service solution. As companies continue to search for new ways to delight and impress their audience, self-service is becoming a must-have investment. Unfortunately, many of the solutions on the market today are limited in the support they can offer. This means clients end up calling the service team, anyway, frustrated by wasted time.  

NICE Enlighten XO solves this problem with access to smarter self-service, delivered faster. The intelligent elements in Enlighten XO ensure companies can act on their most valuable data sources for fantastic self-service experiences. Benefits of NICE Enlighten XO include: 

  • Improve self-service resolution rates: NICE Enlighten XO helps companies to build amazing self-service solutions at speed for their customers. The intelligent system pulls information from chats and conversations, so you can transform what you know into more meaningful chatbot interactions and knowledgebase environments. The AI models identify interaction intent to uncover endless self-service opportunities
  • Intelligent modelling: Modelling customer service conversations is quick and simple with NICE Enlighten XO. Every identified intent gets its own conversational flow with ideal resolution paths. This information is great for building new chatbot solutions, but it also means you can better train your agents, by showing them how to improve the outcomes of conversations one step at a time
  • Exceptional scalability: The Enlighten XO offering allows companies of all sizes to begin bringing intelligent self-service into their operations. Because the technology can learn as it goes, collecting information from each interaction, it gradually improves over time. The self-optimising technology is ideal for companies looking to scale and evolve quickly
  • Simple building: NICE gives companies everything they need to start discovering the benefits of Enlighten AI themselves, including powerful prebuilt templates and convenient dashboards. Service teams always have access to the latest opportunities for automation, as well as information about performance trends. Because you’re constantly collecting information about your audience and their challenges, you can also make more intelligent decisions about what kind of self-service tools to invest in next
  • Better service with less cost: When you can build amazing, customised self-service solutions for customers, it’s easy to deliver competitive, around-the-clock support, with minimal cost. The Enlighten XO solution decreases the strain on human-assisted channels, reduces employee overwork, and ensures customers get the quick first-time resolution they’re searching for

Who Needs NICE Enlighten XO? 

The Enlighten XO solution from NICE builds on the growing demand for fast and convenient self-service experiences in a digital environment. With Enlighten XO, business leaders can build intelligent self-service solutions for customers at speed without compromising on the delivery of highly personalised customer experiences.  

As an extra bonus, the Enlighten XO technology can also be an excellent way to get information on your customer’s experience and collect useful insights into the purchasing journey. You can develop your knowledge of your target audience and the challenges customers face, while simultaneously building the tools consumers need to address their own issues.  

Enlighten XO Review: Verdict 

Self Service solutions are rapidly becoming a non-negotiable part of the customer experience stack. Clients want the speed and simplicity of being able to answer questions on their own and solve problems without input from a human agent. Unfortunately, not just any self-service solution will do. Old-fashioned technology is widely regarded to be too simplistic, leading to customer frustration and churn. That’s where Enlighten XO comes in. 

With Enlighten XO from NICE, companies can build complex customer service solutions, designed to evolve with the needs of their customers. These smart solutions for self-service collect information from customer interactions to become more effective over time. What’s more, the Enlighten XO environment ensures any business can unlock the values of intelligent self-service, with an interface that’s easy to understand and use.  



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