Observe.AI Launches Platform to Drive Next-Gen Contact Centres

Powered by AI engine and conversation intelligence 

Observe.AI Launches Platform to Drive Next-Gen Contact Centres
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Published: October 20, 2021

Carly Read

Observe.AI has debuted its Intelligent Workforce Platform, a new way for contact centres to reach unprecedented levels of productivity and breakthrough business results.   

Observe.AI’s Intelligent Workforce Platform transforms contact centres by embedding AI into 100% of customer conversations, optimising agent performance, and automating repeatable workflows that drive revenue and retention.  

As a result, Observe.AI will help companies to usher in a new generation of contact centre workers that are AI-empowered, ultra-productive, and constantly improving. The launch comes in the wake of Deloitte’s 2021 Global Contact Centre study, that found more than 75% of contact centres expect to fully transition to the cloud within the next two years. 

Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of Observe.AI, said: “The contact centre is at the core of the customer experience today. Yet, organisations have continued to invest and pour resources into just about every other function, leaving contact centers to operate as they have for decades – inconsistently, reactively, and in a black box. 

“Observe.AI is ushering in a new AI-enabled era for contact centres, one where customer needs are understood, agent experience is prioritised, and business results are exceeded.” 

Observe.AI’s Intelligent Workforce Platform delivers an “Understand, Empower, Improve” model for the contact centre: 

  •  Conversation Intelligence: The solution delivers 100% visibility into customer conversations. Businesses can now leverage AI to gain insights around what makes or breaks CX 
  • Quality Assurance: Observe.AI seamlessly automates quality assurance workflows, while monitoring quality on every interaction. Operators evaluate agent performance faster and quickly take action on next-steps. 
  • Agent Performance & Coaching: Agents are empowered with situational context and personalised coaching at scale. Employee experience and business KPIs both improve as a result 
  • Reporting: Observe.AI drives continuous improvement across every team and customer touchpoint with purpose-built reports designed to facilitate business-improving decisions 

Each of these product workflows are powered by Observe.AI’s best-in-class AI Engine, which combines sentiment & intent analysis, redaction, silence detection, entity detection, and highly accurate audio transcription to surface the most relevant intelligence for contact centre operators. 

Observe.AI also partnered with customers to refine its business use cases to better elevate the contact centre as a driver of business growth with clear ROI outcomes 



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