ON24 Announces New Hybrid Solution

Hybrid Mode enables organisations to reap all the benefits of digital engagement

ON24 Announces New Hybrid Solution
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Published: August 26, 2021

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

ON24 introduces Hybrid Mode in ON24 Webcast Elite to help customers deliver immersive digital-first, hybrid experiences. Many international brands use ON24 Webcast Elite to create and deliver engaging live, simulive, and on-demand webinars.

Brand new Hybrid Mode enables organisations to reap all the benefits of digital engagement to their physical events and deliver an integrated, simultaneous, shared experience to in-person and virtual audiences in a single digital engagement platform.

Sharat Sharan, founder and CEO of ON24, said:

“The future of events is hybrid experiences that generate better engagement and data, with physical events complementing and augmenting digital-first strategies.”

“By capturing insights across all in-person and virtual attendees, sales and marketing teams can continually enhance their customer experiences, increase the reach of their lead nurture, and drive measurable pipeline and revenue.”

Physical events are difficult to analyse in terms of data,  prompting many organisations to move toward virtual and hybrid events. Connecting in-person and virtual audiences is a significant challenge, with most event organisers saying that the technology to ensure a smooth experience is a concern.

Hybrid Mode in ON24 Webcast Elite makes seamless hybrid experiences possible, enabling companies to customise their events for in-person and virtual attendees. Registrants receive event-related content and communications tailored to their preferred experience. During the event, virtual attendees can view and interact with the same presentations, digital content, Q&As, polls, and network in hybrid breakout rooms, while in-person attendees can scan QR Codes at the venue to quickly access the same interactivity tools.

First-person engagement data, buying signals, and prospect profiles are captured across both physical and virtual attendees throughout the event so marketing and sales can better understand potential customers. Organisations can then take all their hybrid engagement data and use ON24’s AI-based recommendation engine to deliver additional content and personalized experiences during and after the event based on an attendee’s engagement history and individual interests.

A full suite of production services is also available to support customers’ hybrid events. ON24 experts can manage and support filming, live streaming, and remote production with a talented team of video editors, producers, and creative services to help create a high-quality experience. Live captioning and translation services can also extend audience reach, helping scale digital experiences globally.



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