Our Most Popular CX Reviews from 2022

Insightful reviews and comparisons of CX tools

Our Most Popular CX Reviews from 2022
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Last Edited: December 6, 2022

Rebekah Carter

The way companies manage and optimise customer experience has changed on a fundamental level.

Increasingly, consumers agree the experience they get from the businesses they buy from is more important to them than the price of a product, or its features. 73% of customers say experience is the number one factor in determining who they want to buy from. What’s more, how clients define a “good” experience is evolving too.

For most brands, it’s not enough to simply have a fast and responsive contact centre in place. Organisations need to be willing to dive into the latest technology to uncover meaningful insights, automate tasks, and generate incredible results for every client. Having the right CX technology in place can make or break a company’s chances of success.

The challenge for many brands, is in choosing the right CX system to empower their employees, and delight their audience. Today, we’re listing some of our most popular CX reviews and comparisons from the last year, to help guide your purchasing decision.

1. Amazon Connect vs Genesys Cloud

Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud are two of the most innovative contact centres and CX solutions available for business leaders today.

Amazon Connect is built on the AWS ecosystem, offering brands an omnichannel environment where they can build connected, flexible, and AI-enhanced customer interactions. The intelligent ecosystem comes with powerful routing capabilities, virtual assistants, and automations for workflows. There’s sentiment and speech analysis, call recording, and integrations with leading partner tools.

Genesys Cloud is an all-in-one CCaaS offering which supports agents with comprehensive omnichannel communications and customisable experiences. There are integrations with CRM software and other tools available, co-browsing options for complex customer issues, and automated training solutions included.

In this comparison of Amazon Connect vs Genesys cloud, we cover everything companies need to know about both ecosystems, and their benefits.

2. Twilio Flex vs Amazon Connect

In a world where one-size-fits-all customer experiences are no longer relevant, brands are increasingly searching for agile, flexible, and customisable platforms. Both Twilio Flex and Amazon Connect offer a high level of scalability and agility to modern brands.

With Amazon Connect, organisations can build powerful omnichannel platforms for customer communications, with natural language understanding, task management tools, and contact centre automation capabilities built-in. There’s even the option to create unique inbound and outbound calling workflows, and assist agents with intuitive AI apps.

Twilio Flex combines CPaaS, APIs, and contact centre technology into a comprehensive cloud environment where businesses can manage conversations through virtually any channel. There’s intelligent and dynamic routing support, insights into interaction data, and routing rules to experiment with. Plus, companies can access a range of flexible partner integrations.

Check out this Twilio Flex vs Amazon Connect comparison for a behind-the-scenes look into the features and functionality of both tools.

3. Amazon Connect vs Google Contact Centre AI

Both Amazon and Google are big names in the cloud technology landscape. They each invest heavily in communication capabilities, AI tools, and innovation for the CX space. But which ecosystem has the best features to offer for modern brands?

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use and flexible contact centre platform which allows companies to build hyper-connected and personalised experiences using every form of communication tool. The solution includes virtual assistants and chatbot integrations, automation features and workflows, sentiment and speech analysis, and call recording tools.

Google Contact Centre AI is an intelligent platform which focuses exclusively on drawing insights from contact centre conversations, and empowering today’s agents. The ecosystem allows businesses to build virtual agents, uncover actionable insights, and support employees with automated guidance in real-time.

This Amazon Connect vs Google Contact Centre AI comparison looks at the use cases and functionality of each tool in further depth.

4. Twilio Flex vs Zendesk Sunshine

Both ideally suited to companies searching for flexible ways to support and delight their target audience, Twilio Flex and Zendesk Sunshine have earned a lot of attention in recent years. As fully cloud-based ecosystems for the CX environment, these tools give brands endless ways to scale their customer service efforts quickly and effectively across multiple platforms.

With Twilio Flex, brands can build highly adaptable contact centres with endless integration opportunities. The environment offers access to programmable workflows and routing rules, business insights, and comprehensive contact centre management. Users can also build and deploy unique contact centre customisations in a matter of minutes with minimal coding knowledge.

Zendesk Sunshine builds on the incredible reputation of Zendesk in the customer service environment, with flexible tools for employee and customer experience management. The all-in-one environment comes with API access, integrations for a host of communication tools, and conversational analytics already built-in.

Read this Twilio Flex vs Zendesk Sunshine comparison for a complete insight into all the features both tools can offer, and decide which option might be right for you.

5. Cisco CX Cloud

One of the most popular tools in the market for comprehensive customer service and support, the Cisco CX Cloud empowers brands to delight their clients at every stage of the customer journey. This powerful digital gateway offers access to a range of on-demand diagnostic insights, as well as guidance for intelligent decision-making.

There are machine-learning components to help brands make the most of their existing network, and spot new opportunities for growth. Plus, end-to-end visibility makes it easier to understand where parts of the contact centre might be failing to live up to expectations. The Cisco CX Cloud also comes with exceptional service and support from a team of leading experts, as well as eLearning resources, case management tools, and tracking for regulatory compliance issues.

In this Cisco CX Cloud review, businesses can learn everything they need to know about the benefits of Cisco’s end-to-end technology for customer experience management. Read the review to find out how this platform can boost adoption, improve business insights, and enhance process optimisation.



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