Amazon Connect Vs Google Contact Centre AI 

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Amazon Connect Vs Google Contact Centre AI 
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Published: November 9, 2021

Rebekah Carter

For cloud storage, intelligent tools and incredible software, Google and Amazon stand as two of the biggest contenders in the modern market. So, how do they perform when it comes to connecting companies and their customers?  

As the demand for amazing customer experience continues to skyrocket, massive organizations like Google and Amazon are beginning to offer their own versions of contact centre functionality. Created to compete with the other major vendors in the rapidly-growing CCaaS market, or integrate with existing tools, these solutions promise to make CX strategies more successful. 

Amazon Connect is Amazon’s omni-channel contact centre environment intended to support a flexible, ever-changing business landscape. Google Contact Centre AI is a contact centre enhancement, intended to build on the benefits of your existing contact centre. 

What is Amazon Connect? Features 

Amazon Connect is the omnichannel contact centre built by the AWS team. The solution is easy-to-use, enabling business leaders to build their contact centres within a matter of minutes, adding agents from around the globe in no time. You can create personalised, hyper-connected experiences for customers using voice, chat, and messaging. There’s also access to a single interface for contact centre management.  

Amazon’s Connect contact centre promises superior service in a world where clients are becoming increasingly demanding. You can easily scale your contact centre in a couple of clicks, and in-depth analytics will help you to determine which parts of your environment need the most work. Some of the features of Amazon Connect contact centre include: 

  • Omni-channel SMS, chat, voice, and video routing 
  • Chat on web and mobile with natural language understanding 
  • Virtual assistants and chatbot integrations 
  • Amazon Connect Tasks for task management 
  • Automation features and workflows 
  • Voice authentication with artificial intelligence 
  • Skills-based dynamic routing 
  • Excellent high-quality audio with minimal downtime 
  • Outbound calling and inbound calling options 
  • Comprehensive control panel for managing conversations 
  • Sentiment and speech analysis in real-time 
  • Agent assistance tools with machine learning 
  • Unified customer profiles and CRM integrations 
  • Custom dashboards and KPI monitoring 
  • Call recording (Compliance) 
  • Salesforce service cloud connection 
  • Partner integrations for WFM, WFO, and CRM 

Clearly, Amazon checks a lot of boxes with its advanced contact centre environment. Built for companies who need to learn as much as they can about their target audience, this omnichannel environment is packed full of tools for analytics and insights. Access to extensive artificial intelligence solutions also means you can leverage the data available and make intelligent decisions about the future of your business.  

What is Google Contact Centre AI? Features 

Comparing Amazon Connect with Google Contact Centre AI is a little tricky because Google isn’t offering a full contact centre in the same way as Amazon. Instead, you’ll integrate your Google technology with an existing contact centre provider, to enhance your CX strategy with meaningful data insights. Google has a range of approved partners to suggest too, including Cisco, Avaya, Content Gur, Five9, Genesys, Twilio and many others. 

Rather than a comprehensive contact centre environment, Google Contact Centre AI joins a range of intelligent Google products to give businesses more value from their data. The low-cost solution gives you an AI solution which companies can use to create assistants for human agents, provide actionable insights to users, and build automated workflows. With Google Contact Centre AI, you can: 

  • Support agents with automated guidance: Give human agents the assistance they need when dealing with complex tasks with real-time information and guidance. You can even design automated workflows with AI enhancements 
  • Build virtual agents: Create lifelike experiences for customers with multi-turn conversations using the Google Assistant deep learning technologies
  • Access actionable insights: Unlock meaningful analytics and reporting to uncover customer sentiment information, key call drivers, and trends

Google Contact Centre AI brings the forward-thinking artificial intelligence tools provided by Google into the contact centre, so companies can make CX smarter than ever. The ecosystem is powered by Google technology most organizations will already be familiar with, such as Dialogflow, which allows enterprise customers to create intelligent agents capable of switching between topics and operating across multiple channels at once. 

Agent Assist is the technology used to empower agents, providing them with constant support through instant access to information and best actions. CCAI Insights is the analytics environment, which uses natural language processing to identify sentiment and other factors which might influence the customer journey.  

Which Solution Do you Need? 

We can’t compare Google Contact Centre AI and Amazon’s Connect Contact Centre like-for-like because they’re not the same kind of service. One option is a fully-featured contact centre, while the other is an intelligent way to upgrade your existing contact centre environment. Fortunately, this does make it a little easier to determine which of the two services you need.  

If you’re looking for an intelligent, omnichannel contact centre, Amazon Connect is a fantastic choice. The ultra-flexible environment is great for growing businesses, allowing you to add new integrations and channels whenever you choose. You’ll have access to plenty of intelligent insights, analytics, and advanced services to transform CX for all kinds of customers too.  

Amazon Connect is surprisingly easy to use and can scale up or down to suit your business needs. It also comes with tools for improving agent productivity, like unified customer profiles your staff can access in seconds, and recommended answers in real-time, so you won’t necessarily need the extra support of something like Google Contact Centre AI.  

Alternatively, if you already have a contact centre provider and you want to make your technology more intelligent, Google’s Contact Centre AI is a perfect choice. The end-to-end intelligence solution gives human agents extra support, so they can sort through queries and customer conversations as quickly as possible, improving your brand reputation. You can also use Google Contact Centre AI to build your own virtual agents and bots for self-service. This means you can compete with other disruptive brands in your industry. 

For intelligent insights, Google’s AI solution for contact centres can also assist in giving you the guidance you need to make better business decisions.  



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