Rise in Chatbots to Tackle Vaccine Misinformation 

Kazakhstan leads the way in enlisting AI help to boost uptake 

Rise in Chatbots to Tackle Vaccine Misinformation 
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Published: February 24, 2021

Carly Read

Nations looking to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptakes while stomping our misinformation are turning to AI to achieve just that.  

Kazakhstan is leading the way, with news the nation has enlisted the help of chatbots to reduce fake news regarding the vaccine as it takes it first steps toward countrywide inoculation 

Yerkebek Argymbayev, president of the Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan, said: “Creating a chatbot is an opportunity to keep up with the times. 

“With this bot people will be able to learn what they are interested in; from the myths associated with the coronavirus and vaccines, to the opportunity to enrol in first aid courses.” 

This comes after just a quarter of the nation said they would actually have the vaccine to protect themselves against the virus. This is compared with 75% of Britons and 56% of Americans, according to data from the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. 

Findings prompted the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to launch the new tech tool to tackle the issue. 

An IFRC survey conducted in the nation found social media was the most trusted source of information after television with regards to the jab. 

Yet, not everything circulating online is accurate, said IFRC community engagement delegate Mark South. 

He said: “The chatbot really has a key role to play in reaching more people with information from a trusted source. 

Kazakhstan plans to vaccinate six million people – almost a third of its population – against COVID-19 this year.  

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