Sprinklr Enters the Contact Centre as a Service Market

The company makes a bold move that aims to help brands build unified customer experiences

Sprinklr Enters the Contact Centre as a Service Market
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Published: January 21, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Sprinklr has announced the launch of its new contact centre as a service (CCaaS) solution: Sprinklr Modern Care Voice.

The offering includes all the fundamental applications for an omnichannel contact centre, alongside innovative AI tools to transform operational performance.

However, most notably, the solution extends beyond the confines of the contact centre as Sprinklr aims to cut across business siloes and unlock unified CX.

To do so, the new solution enables businesses to bring contact centre insights to the fore and build a connected enterprise. In such an environment, different departments can access a unified view of CX to inform, influence, and guide decisions across the business.

For many companies, such a proposition seems a world away. After all, they will have implemented numerous standalone solutions over the years. In the contact centre alone, this is often a significant issue.

Taking aim at this longstanding approach, Sprinklr Chief Technology Officer Pavitar Singh says:

The contact centre market is dominated by legacy voice-based vendors that are incentivised to ignore a fundamental truth: your customers do not want to call you. Sprinklr Modern Care Voice is built on this understanding.

Supporting more than 30 channels, the solution seamlessly integrates these with other cloud-based applications to enable an agile operation. Built on an open cloud foundation, this sets the foundations for API integrations with systems from other departments.

“Sprinklr helps brands unlock contact centre conversation data and use it to deliver meaningful use cases for marketing, sales, and service,” continues Singh. “This is a huge opportunity.”

Again, this reverts to the principle of building a unified approach to CX, which enables agility. By achieving this, companies can ensure that they do not fall behind their new, nimble competitors.




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